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Podcast for November 15th, 2017 feat. Maryjo Mattea

This week special guest Maryjo Mattea drops by to tell us about her new politically-charge single and spin some of her fave DC tracks.

Two Dragons and a Cheetah – November 8, 2016 [single]
allthebestkids – DreaMastR [Go Out With A Bang]
Loi Loi – You May Be [Viva La Vulva]
Derek Evry – Thank You Enough [Pop Perspective]
FuzzQueen – Ribbons and Flowers [single]
The North Country – The Last Curtain Call [In Defense of Cosmic Altruism]

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Two Dragons and a Cheetah – November 8, 2016


Today is November 8, 2017, and we are honored to premiere the new music video by Two Dragons and a Cheetah, called “November 8, 2016”.

Like most of this town, singer Maryjo Mattea was disturbed and horrified by the outcome of last year’s presidential election. Her creative response was this cathartic call to action song, recorded with drummer Joel Wu in their musical partnership Two Dragons and a Cheetah. The music video, directed by Stephanie Sapienza, features a number of DC musicians you might recognize, including Amber Walson of The Lucky So & Sos, rapper Ardamus and Mattea’s Color Palette bandmate Joshua Hunter.

Though the last year has been frustrating and divisive, yesterday we saw the tides changing as Virginia voters showed up in droves and rejected the conservative narrative of nativism and demagoguery. Today this protest song feels like the rallying cry we need to celebrate a win and remember what’s at stake in this unprecedented time in American history.


Podcast for February 28th, 2017


Paul watches some classic 70s British sci-fi, and Tony pops the question on stage.

Coup Sauvage & The Snips – Hamburg [Heirs to Nothing]
My French Roommate – LUV DG [MFR]
Two Dragons and a Cheetah – Lessons [Something, Something​.​.​. Poetry and Light]
iworkmusic – Good Morning [The Growth]
MetroSongs – Shady Grove feat. Faith Hayden [single]
Park Snakes – Fire Of Our Love (CrushnPain Remix) [Park Snakes (Deluxe Edition)]

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Two Dragons and a Cheetah – Lessons video

Guitarist/vocalist Maryjo Mattea and drummer Joel Wu keep the formula simple in their garage rock duo Two Dragons and a Cheetah. But simple can still rock plenty hard. Their debut music video “Lessons” shows them walking and performing around Chinatown, and I particularly love the incongruity between Wu’s hard hitting drums and the adorably tiny kit strapped to his chest. Pick up their new EP Something, Something​.​.​. Poetry and Light for a few bucks on Bandcamp and clear your schedule Friday night to descend to the basement of DIT house Bathtub Republic to see the these beasts play with our faves Clones of Clones.