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Jason Mendelson – Send a Medic


We’ve long wondered what DC music stalwart Jason Mendelson can’t do. He plays all the instruments in his eponymous band, and fills in many other bands in the area. He produces, records, and writes the tracks, having dedicated years to penning a song for each station in the DC metro system. Heck, he even hosted the MetroSongs podcast that yours truly guested on.

In the expansive music video for Mendelson’s newest single “Send a Medic”, his impressive skills portfolio is on full display: forensic detective, mailman, cooking show host, cowboy, secret lover. The amusing setup of Mendelson as characters on every show on television, with lots of delicious cameos, loops around to a bloody but satisfying conclusion at the close of director Jeff Ray of Mango City Media’s delightful vignette.

To get all the Jason Mendelson your life can handle, head to Fairfax’s Epicure Café Saturday night September 14th for, we kid you not, JasonFest II featuring post-rock band Koshari, funky hip-hop with The Lucky So & So’s, new waver Daniel Ouellette and Mr. MetroSongs himself.

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Podcast for February 28th, 2017


Paul watches some classic 70s British sci-fi, and Tony pops the question on stage.

Coup Sauvage & The Snips – Hamburg [Heirs to Nothing]
My French Roommate – LUV DG [MFR]
Two Dragons and a Cheetah – Lessons [Something, Something​.​.​. Poetry and Light]
iworkmusic – Good Morning [The Growth]
MetroSongs – Shady Grove feat. Faith Hayden [single]
Park Snakes – Fire Of Our Love (CrushnPain Remix) [Park Snakes (Deluxe Edition)]

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Podcast for November 4th, 2015


This week Tony’s worn down from going to too many shows and Paul DJed next to a spinning boulder. In addition to recapping their Halloween outings, they serve up the great new songs from DC that you demand!

Black Masala – Too Hot To Wait [I Love You Madly]
Soccer Team – Too Many Lens Flares [Real Lessons In Cynicism]
Witch Coast – Burnt Out By 3pm [Burnt Out By 3pm]
Jason Mendelson / MetroSongs – Cheverly Day [MetroSongs Vol. 6]
Jackie & the Treehorns – I Heart Myself [Do You Mind If I Wear A Clown Mask?]
Ardamus – When The Truth Comes Out (Part 2) [I Can’t Replace Me Pt. 2: Develop]

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