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Luce Listening Party feat. Yasmin Williams

Luce Listening Party w Yasmin Williams

The Luce Listening Party, our collaboration with the Luce Foundation Center in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, continues with special guest Yasmin Williams!

Yasmin Williams – Sunshowers  [Urban Driftwood]
Yasmin Williams – Urban Driftwood  [Urban Driftwood]
Stranger in the Alps – The Days Are Over Sooner (But The Light Is Better)  [The Days Are Over Sooner]
Oddisee – Beach Dr.  [Rock Creek Park]
Wylder – Ready to Break  [Golden Age Thinking]
Yasmin Williams – Skippin’ (Song for Bri)  [Unwind]

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Oddisee & Toine – NNGE

“This is for the county and the area surrounding DC, Maryland and Virginia, know i’m witcha”. Producer and rapper Oddisee moved away from DC years ago, but he refuses to let the deep roots wither and die in assimilating into his new Brooklyn digs. His newest must-listen album The Iceberg on Mello Music Group is a well-timed bomb of defiance and resistance to our current political climate. “NNGE”, short for Never Not Getting Enough, gets verbal assist from DC rapper Toine, who grew up in the same neighborhood as the Sudanese-American Oddisee. Video director Zak Forrest, who also recently helmed both videos by Nappy Nappa, captures both rappers living it up in their native Prince Georges County, with landmarks and local food as visual anchors showing that Oddisee will never give up on the DMV. Grab tix to Oddisee’s world tour stop at the 9:30 Club on 4/20 before the inevitable sold out sign makes you cry.

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Podcast for November 4th, 2015


This week Tony’s worn down from going to too many shows and Paul DJed next to a spinning boulder. In addition to recapping their Halloween outings, they serve up the great new songs from DC that you demand!

Black Masala – Too Hot To Wait [I Love You Madly]
Soccer Team – Too Many Lens Flares [Real Lessons In Cynicism]
Witch Coast – Burnt Out By 3pm [Burnt Out By 3pm]
Jason Mendelson / MetroSongs – Cheverly Day [MetroSongs Vol. 6]
Jackie & the Treehorns – I Heart Myself [Do You Mind If I Wear A Clown Mask?]
Ardamus – When The Truth Comes Out (Part 2) [I Can’t Replace Me Pt. 2: Develop]

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Best Video of 2012 #2: Oddisee feat. Olivier Daysoul – You Know Who You Are

Is it a stretch to count this one as a DC music video? I don’t care, it’s too beautiful to ignore. Oddisee is a well known hip-hop producer and MC with deep roots in DC, and still frequently collaborates with locals like Uptown XO, yU and Toine. You Know Who You Are is a FREE bonus track from Oddisee’s latest album People Hear What They See on the Mello Music Group label, featuring soulful vocalist and part-time DC resident Olivier Daysoul on acoustic guitar. This video is simple, direct and classy, the second best video of the year. What will be number one? Find out tomorrow!

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Oddisee feat. Olivier Daysoul – You Know Who You Are video

There’s a brand new album by hip-hop producer and MC Oddisee, on the Mello Music Group label, called People Hear What They See. Oddisee recently moved to Brooklyn from DC, but he still frequently collaborates with and remixes plenty of DC musicians. Today’s video is a bonus acoustic cut from the album, You Know Who You Are, featuring Olivier Daysoul on acoustic guitar and soulful vocals. Tonight Monserrat House hosts a FREE listening party for the new album, featuring a live band!

show flyer

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Oddisee & Tranqill – Ci’iy Life video

DC music video of the day! A sweet collaboration between decorated hip-hop producer Oddisee and UK MC Tranqill. The video for Ci’iy Life comes from Oddisee’s 2010 project Odd Winter, later remastered and repackaged with the other three parts as Odd Seasons. There’s definitely a lot more in this album than you’ll find in most DMV rap efforts.

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Oddisee feat. Toine – Different Now video

DC music video of the day! Oddisee is another one that DC lost to NY recently. The veteran hip-hopper was just as accomplished at production as he was at the mic, both solo and as part of Diamond District with Uptown XO and yU. Today we’ve got the beautiful video for Different Now, Oddisee’s collaboration with Toine from DTMD, from the 2010 Mello Music Group compilation Helpless Dreamer.

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