Nappy Nappa – Hellraiser / Nightriders

Director Zak Forrest doubles up on songs for the second video from Babe City Records‘ first DC hip-hop artist Nappy Nappa. Both “Hellraiser” and “Nightriders” are dark and menacing tracks, far different in feel than Nappa’s happy-go-lucky debut video “Do My Dance”. “Hellraiser”, produced by Mr. Dickerson and featuring Spvck La Boost, is a prime time dance floor banger, while the Invisibae-produced “Nightriders” turns the BPMs way down as Nappa’s droning lyrics bounce around wickedly in the back of your head. The video tours through a disused industrial park and an underground dance party, showing off Nappa’s crew with generous and beautiful shots of fire. Grab Nappa’s debut EP New Balance on cassette while it lasts.

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2 thoughts on “Nappy Nappa – Hellraiser / Nightriders

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