Two Dragons and a Cheetah – November 8, 2016


Today is November 8, 2017, and we are honored to premiere the new music video by Two Dragons and a Cheetah, called “November 8, 2016”.

Like most of this town, singer Maryjo Mattea was disturbed and horrified by the outcome of last year’s presidential election. Her creative response was this cathartic call to action song, recorded with drummer Joel Wu in their musical partnership Two Dragons and a Cheetah. The music video, directed by Stephanie Sapienza, features a number of DC musicians you might recognize, including Amber Walson of The Lucky So & Sos, rapper Ardamus and Mattea’s Color Palette bandmate Joshua Hunter.

Though the last year has been frustrating and divisive, yesterday we saw the tides changing as Virginia voters showed up in droves and rejected the conservative narrative of nativism and demagoguery. Today this protest song feels like the rallying cry we need to celebrate a win and remember what’s at stake in this unprecedented time in American history.


One thought on “Two Dragons and a Cheetah – November 8, 2016

  1. […] We last heard from the animalistic duo late last year with the political and emotional protest song “November 8, 2016”. Singer/guitarist Maryjo Mattea joined us on our podcast to tell the story of meeting drummer Joel […]

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