Music Still Happens Here Vol. 2 tonight @ Iota

DC, we’re about to be crushed by tons of wet snow overnight, so getting out of your house tonight is practically mandatory. The release party for Music Still Happens Here Vol. 2 at Iota wins the best show of the night tonight. Music Still Happens Here is a project helmed by local musician Derek Evry, promoting the deep well of songwriting talent we’re fortunate to have in DC. Tonight’s show at Iota has literally the most insanely ambitious lineup I’ve ever seen:
7:00PM – Tom McBride
7:10PM – Derek Anderson
7:20PM – Gideon Grove
7:30PM – Matt Tarka
7:45PM – Chester Copperpott
8:00PM – Ted Hovis & The Stolen Camaros
8:15PM – Sweet Interference
8:30PM – Brittany Jean
8:45PM – The Stick Mob
9:00PM – Brian Franke
9:15PM – Sara Davenport
9:30PM – Wes Tucker & The Skillets
9:45PM – Pigs From a Gun
10:00PM – Carolyn Crysdale
10:15PM – Mud Rey
10:30PM – A Papier Mache Monster
10:45PM – Norman Rockwell
11:00PM – Derek Evry & His Band of Misanthropes

Come out to Clarendon tonight to grab your free copy of the new compilation CD, meet a new songwriter or two, drink up and sleep off your hangover during tomorrow’s snow day. Plus wish the main man Derek Evry a happy birthday!


One thought on “Music Still Happens Here Vol. 2 tonight @ Iota

  1. Moira says:

    Paul-it was great to meet you last night!

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