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Presenting The Beanstalk Library at the Millennium Stage

Hometown Sounds is tremendously excited to present the classic and folk rock sounds of the Ryan Walker fronted sextet The Beanstalk Library for our May #DCmusic showcase at the Kennedey Center’s Millennium Stage.

The Beanstalk Library has built a loyal following in the Washington, DC area and along the east coast with passionate and adventurous live performances. Their two full-length albums America At Night and The View From Here have drawn accolades from, among others, The Washington Post, who called their music “timeless” and compared it to Big Star and Teenage Fanclub. The band proudly continues this tradition with the release of the EP Returns, featuring 5 new AM-radio ready power-pop gems.

RSVP here and come to the free performance at 6 PM on Thursday May 3rd!

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Podcast for April 11th, 2018

Paul gets blindfolded and kidnapped, while Tony hunts down a giant chicken.

Tony Porreco – Academic Passion
Handsome Hound – Austin [Mountain On Fire]
Young Summer – Crash [single]
The Duskwhales – Hospital Dreams [Hospital Dreams]
The Beanstalk Library – Easier [single]
Red Hare – Affirmation [Little Acts of Destruction]

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Podcast for September 7th, 2016


Paul returns from vacation refreshed, while Tony returns from moving, the opposite of refreshed.

Ms. Fridrich – Lighter Bones and Eyes That See For Miles [Lighter Bones]
The Beanstalk Library – Wait [Returns EP]
Warm Sun – In A Moment [In A Moment/Seven Sisters]
MILK$ – Wonder Woman [Zodiac Sines]
Will Eastman – Knowing You [single]
Tölva – BassIItxNitro [single]

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Song Premiere: “Big Dumb Hooks” by The Beanstalk Library


I’ve seen a lot of bands in my time diving deep into the DC music scenes, and there’s no mistaking that The Beanstalk Library is the friendliest. Bandleader Ryan Walker exudes natural charm and enthusiasm when performing that follows him offstage into post-show mingling. He’s also the rare example of a frontman lending his talent to other bands, playing with Justin Jones and Andy Zipf’s Cowards Choir. The Beanstalk Library’s lineup of keyboardist Joel Hicks, guitarist Brian Pagels, violinist Erin Ryan, bassist David Gassman and drummer Adam Neubauer have an affectionate performing chemistry that’s rare to see.

Apart from a one-off single “Whiskey Mountain” honoring the late Sean Meyers of Norman Rockwell, it’s been a couple of years since we tasted and digested the full length album The View From Here. After many months road-testing new material, TBL is nearly ready to drop a new EP, and Hometown Sounds is tickled pink to premiere the first single from it.

“Big Dumb Hooks” is a classic pop song with a driving beat and singalong chorus. Walker knows the power of a catchy melody and well-placed ooo’s, and this song really will sink its hooks into you as advertized. TBL makes well-crafted pop-rock music with deft songwriting, hard-hitting drums, full guitar/bass sound and flourishes from violin and keys for a mature sound that’s criminally underrated in DC these days.

As we mentioned on yesterday’s episode of our DC music podcast, The Beanstalk Library kicks off a show this Friday night September 25th at Iota, playing with a band from Boston called The Lights Out. Lead guitarist Adam Ritchie played in high school bands with TBL’s Brian Pagels and they haven’t shared a stage since 1999. Funk & soul party band Precautionary Measures finishes up the night. As with almost all Iota shows, tickets are only available at the door, so get there early!


Podcast for September 22nd, 2015


On this week’s episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast, Tony can’t bounce to the latest club bangers because a new Popeye’s special is weighing him down. Also, Paul admits to creepin’ on Periscope. But what you really want are the freshest DC songs from Swings, Reesa Renee, Gent & Jawns plus exclusive new tracks from Br’er, The Beanstalk Library and Jacqueline Pie Francis that you can’t hear anywhere else!

Gent & Jawns – Moon Bounce [Moon Bounce / U NO I]
Reesa Renee – Guess Again [Lovers Rock]
The Beanstalk Library – Big Dumb Hooks
Jacqueline Pie Francis – Blue Sky [The Sea]
Swings – Tiles [Sugarwater]
Br’er – Reprobate [Maskings]

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The Beanstalk Library – Big Dumb Hooks (NPR Tiny Desk submission)

OMG so many Tiny Desk Concert submissions! Seriously, how many videos do you think bands from all over the world sent to Bob Boilen? I hope they way staffed up on interns this season. Best they not miss this gem from folk rock band The Beanstalk Library, performing a new unreleased song “Big Dumb Hooks” that’s a catchy singalong staple of their live sets. The cafe side of Iota provides a novel performance setting that still reminds you of the instantly recognizable main stage by the christmas lights in the background. Catch TBL live next at Del Rey’s hidden gem The Evening Star next Thursday with an opening set by Derek Evry.

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By Tony Porreco

derek b and w

This past Tuesday, Northern Virginia songwriter Derek Evry released his new EP Down to the Wire. By all indications, there’s a lot going through his head from the his chameleonic nature of the new release. The record features an impressive stylistic palate with tracks ranging from classic, straight ahead pop punk, Buddy Holly era protorock, pop metal and even a languid ballad approaching hotel lobby jazz. Combine this with a social media personality that can be characterized as “absolutely bananas”, and you’ve got a character study that would pique the interest of a veteran psychotherapist who’s heard it all before.

We sat down with Evry to discuss a number of different topics, including the making of Down to the Wire, his long lasting bromance with drummer Ben Tufts, and his vision for the DC music scene. Read the full interview after the jump.

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Unrehearsed DC videos

Justin Trawick is a rarity in DC music, a full time musician with a lot of ideas and talented friends to help pull it off. His weekly podcast The Circus Life just got a snazzy new website, and his latest project Unrehearsed DC launched last week. Under the direction of videographer Rafael Suanes, Unrehearsed DC presents live videos of musicians performing songs in unconventional locations. Justin takes the debut video slot, performing an unreleased heartbreak song called “Honest Eyes” to 20,000 empty seats at the Verizon Center at 8 AM before a Hoyas game. Surely in just a few years, Trawick will sing there again with every seat filled.

The second video features The Beanstalk Library, fronted by frequent member of the 9 Singer-Songwriter Showcase Ryan Walker. Half the band bundled up after DC’s last round of snow to sing “Knight In Armor”, from last year’s album The View From Here, in front of large metal pipes and miscellaneous construction equipment. Where will this live video series go next? Paddleboats on the tidal basin? The Capitol Rotunda? The X-2 Metrobus? No pressure, guys.

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The Beanstalk Library – Feeling My Way In The Dark video

Alt-country rockers The Beanstalk Library tapped Hurst Street Productions to collaborate on a music video for the 48 Hour Film Project‘s contest in DC. The video for Feeling My Way In The Dark got a screening at the prestigous AFI Silver theater in Silver Spring, and has now made its way online for everyone to enjoy. The song and its b-side, the excellent track The Only Things I’ll Take With Me, are yours for the taking at their Bandcamp page.


The Beanstalk Library – World Leader Pretend video

DC music video of the day! I’ve been a fan of The Beanstalk Library since their 2009 Demo EP release. The band released each track through a different local music-related blog, letting five writers weigh in on their Americana sound. I really hope that a proper release is coming soon from these guys! Tonight they headline a show at the Black Cat Backstage along with NYC’s The Color Bars and locals Archivists. Back in January, they invited their friends at the local video blog Man On The Street DC to film a music video for their cover of the R.E.M. classic World Leader Pretend. Watch it and get a taste of winter that we barely got here.