Unrehearsed DC videos

Justin Trawick is a rarity in DC music, a full time musician with a lot of ideas and talented friends to help pull it off. His weekly podcast The Circus Life just got a snazzy new website, and his latest project Unrehearsed DC launched last week. Under the direction of videographer Rafael Suanes, Unrehearsed DC presents live videos of musicians performing songs in unconventional locations. Justin takes the debut video slot, performing an unreleased heartbreak song called “Honest Eyes” to 20,000 empty seats at the Verizon Center at 8 AM before a Hoyas game. Surely in just a few years, Trawick will sing there again with every seat filled.

The second video features The Beanstalk Library, fronted by frequent member of the 9 Singer-Songwriter Showcase Ryan Walker. Half the band bundled up after DC’s last round of snow to sing “Knight In Armor”, from last year’s album The View From Here, in front of large metal pipes and miscellaneous construction equipment. Where will this live video series go next? Paddleboats on the tidal basin? The Capitol Rotunda? The X-2 Metrobus? No pressure, guys.

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