Outputmessage – Goldilocks Zone video

Hey, remember when we played the hot new track “Asteroids” by producer Bernard Farley’s Outputmessage moniker on the newest episode of the Hometown Sounds podcast? Well forget all about that, so old news. The new news is the FREE debut single “Goldilocks Zone” from Farley’s full length album The Infinite Void, scheduled for release March 25th. The new single has a more delicate house vibe than the deep space excursions on Farley’s recent Asteroids EP, despite the title’s reference to the placement of planets capable of supporting human life. The music video, directed by Farley himself, takes the song right into the dark club with multicolored lights illuminating Farley as the lone dancer to the groove. Now I’m looking forward to the new album even more.


2 thoughts on “Outputmessage – Goldilocks Zone video

  1. […] on the hype for his spacey 2014 full length album The Infinite Void that started back in March with “Goldilocks Zone”, today Outputmessage released the second music video from it, “Pillars”. And look […]

  2. […] alias Miguel Carlo, directed by Farley and starring Shy Harrington. He’s shot some of his own music videos in the past, but this beautiful fetishization of America’s favorite drug (caffeine) deserves […]

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