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Super Nike Nando & Che Amour – No Sleep

Rapper Nike Nando, though he may be Super, is apparently having trouble sleeping. His newest single “No Sleep”, produced by K Swisha and featuring fellow Bowie MD rapper Che Amour, laments his tragic inability to get 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. Maybe the bright, noisy arcade games are to blame? Or the blue light from his smart phone? Too much late-night rapping with drunk girls? We hope that Nando and Amour find a cure before permanent damage sets in.


Super Nike Nando – Super Fuego

Bowie MD’s Fernando Moore has been rapping in the DC scene since 2008, first as Nike Nando and then, after he ate a weird mushroom at one point, Super Nike Nando. His musical output is spread out over mixtapes, features and freestyles on SoundCloud, but he’s putting a big push behind his upcoming release #NeverSayDie. Nando collaborated with local clothing line LivLuvCulture on a special preorder deal for the new EP that drops exclusively on Audiomack on Friday. Check out this teaser video for Super Fuego, directed by Matt Sugawara.

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