Prowess the Testament – Alpha Centauri

Fiercely independent rapper Prowess the Testament of the Delegation Music crew got her moniker from no less than KRS-One, and the array of DC rappers supporting her in the video for “Alpha Centauri”, from Logic to Ardamus to the song’s producer Tim Hicks of The Cornel West Theory, certifies her as a rising power in the DC hip-hop community. She’s managed to put out two EPs so far in 2016, more recently Right Where I Left It, and earlier this year Alpha Centauri’s mothership Air​.​Human | Breath​.​Divine, and both are well worth fitting in between your ears. Catch Prowess next opening for Ra Digga and Lord Finesse at The Tavern at Fire Station 1 in Silver Spring on Friday October 21st, and spring for VIP treatment if you’re feeling flush.


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