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Ras Nebyu feat. Haile Supreme & Corbin Butler – Don’t Forget

We love any reason to mention the Washington Slizzards crew, because how can you not love that name. Chief Slizzard Ras Nebyu is back with more visuals from his 2016 mixtape Slizzatrism. “Don’t Forget” features Howard University’s Corbin Butler and silky smooth Haile Supreme of Congo Sanchez, as the trio wander around U Street and the picturesque CityCenter development. Nebyu opens for DC expat Oddisee at U Street Music Hall on Wednesday March 14th, so listen to our hot tip and grab tix now while you still can.

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Ras Nebyu – Anything

DC rapper Ras Nebyu is back with another music video under the banner of his Washington Slizzards crew. The Arckitech produced banger “Anything” is the first video from Nebyu’s 2016 mixtape Slizzatrism, filled with footage of Ras performing and chilling at the crib shot by Slizzica. This keeps fans charged up while Nebyu finishes up his next project Uptown Lion Walkin.


Top 5 Videos of 2016 #3: Ras Nebyu – No Love

Washington Slizzards crewleader Ras Nebyu made his musical mark on 2016 with his excellent third mixtape Slizzatrism. His music video highlight “No Love” originally surfaced back in 2015 as a SoundCloud single produced by Casito Del Frisco. Chop N Shoot Films, the studio responsible for a string of DMV hip-hop vids from Lightshow, Phil Ade, Godsilla and others, touches on Nabyu’s Ethiopian heritage and family in the “No Love” video, our pick for #3 DC music video of the year. Nebyu channels two alter egos, Malcolm and Drew, in singing the harsh breakup song and throwing a party to forget the heartache.


Ras Nebyu – Iyah-Tate

Ethiopian-American rapper Ras Nebyu may have coined the ridiculous name Washington Slizzards for his crew, but his smooth, conscious lyrics and snappy production deserve your attention the most. Last year Nebyu traveled to West Africa’s Ivory Coast to open for Nigerian rapper Wizkid, and while there hooked up with DC expat Ibrahim Keita to shoot a video for “Iyah-Tate”, the single Keita produced. Stream Nebyu’s latest mixtape Slizzatrism at, of course, Slizzatrism.com.


Ras Nebyu – No Love

“Don’t throw a party”. When has that plea from a young man’s departing parent ever worked? Ethiopian-American rapper Ras Nebyu is young and defiant in his recent music video for “No Love”, the silky smooth single from 2015 produced by Casita Del Fresco. The head of the unforgettably named “Washington Slizzards” crew just dropped his third mixtape Slizzatrism, available to stream on Spotify and SoundCloud. The mixtape’s tongue-twisting title refers to the crew’s philosophy, “the art of finessing good energy to work in one’s favor via pure intent, meditation and the acknowledgement of the ancestors”. Just don’t acknowledge the ancestors when they want to kill the party vibes.