The Sea Life – Red Eyes

“Red Eyes”. Come on. You were thinking it too, right? But no, the single by indie rock band The Sea Life is not an ode to the hazy smoke of creative inspiration that these lads (and lass) probably enjoy on the reg. The music video by directors Eli Sinkus and Robin Groulx of Not West Not East presents the very DC angst of slaving away at a corporate job while all you want to do is rock out. Singer Jon Weiss, bassist Jordan Sanders and drummer Jules Hale look so respectable and professional in their business attire, but their sadness at fading away as rock stars is heartbreaking. Enjoy youth now, it doesn’t last forever. Grab their album on digital for whatever price you like courtesy of Babe City Records, or buy it on CD, cassette or vinyl and put some scratch in their wallets.


One thought on “The Sea Life – Red Eyes

  1. […] City Records for many years. We last heard from them as a trio with the cathartic music video for “Red Eyes” from last year’s self-titled album. Now, just as you were asking yourself “Hey, I […]

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