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Blacklodge + em.g – Unknown

Did you ever play around with the iTunes Visualizer? Back in the day, before we all gave up managing messy libraries of MP3s in favor of all-you-can-eat streaming, Apple’s flagship desktop music app contained a cool feature to generate trippy video controlled by the audio. I much preferred watching that to angry pundits or reality shows. Modular synth devotee Blacklodge (not so secretly DCDIT’s Alex Tebeleff) and vocal collaborator em.g (Margaret Gilmore) expand on that tradition with the new music video for “Unknown”, the long finish of their recent EP Will You Be Reduced from Blight Records. Baltimore based electro-acoustic composer Rob Neubauer delivers some remarkable abstract visuals that deserve viewing on a large screen TV. Blacklodge + em.g open for Kelly Lee Owens at Union Stage this Sunday night.

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Podcast for February 28th, 2018

Tony revisits 90s action movies, while Paul gives away a t-shirt.

April + VISTA – Own2 [single]
Babbling April – Reputation [Holy Gold]
The Iris Bell – Henrietta [single]
Blue Magna – I’m Running [Magna Force]
The Caribbean – The Go From Tactical [Populations]
Blacklodge + em.g – Exhalation [Will You Be Reduced]

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