Near Northeast – What To Say (NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission)

Snowzilla’s thick white blanket is quickly retreating to towering, near-unmeltable mounds blocking sidewalks and lesser-used lanes of traffic, and super-hip indie folk trio Near Northeast seized the opportunity during the storm’s aftermath to film their submission to NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Contest, which ends tomorrow. “What To Say” is currently unreleased but distinctly memorable from their recent live sets at Black Cat and Luce Unplugged. Avy, Kelly and Austin intend to record a sophomore album later this year, so in the meantime, pay what you want for last year’s excellent full length Curios and keep your eyes peeled for more live shows in March.

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3 thoughts on “Near Northeast – What To Say (NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission)

  1. […] Northeast took great advantage of last year’s blizzard for their 2016 contest entry, playing “What To Say” in the middle of the snow. This year they seized on the climate of protest in our city to play a […]

  2. […] community. This is the third entry from indie folk band Near Northeast, and their first submission “What To Say” in the midst of 2016’s epic Snowzilla remains tops in our hearts. “Mostly Just […]

  3. […] entries from the DC area. Indie folk band Near Northeast has led our coverage for the last four years, and their ambitious 2020 entry makes good use of the limitations of our current situation. Their […]

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