Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 3/23

There’s a whole lot going on in DC this weekend. Why not add some #DCmusic into your weekend plans? Here’s our picks for the best of the weekend!

Friday 3/23:
College Park’s MilkBoy ArtHouse hosts a packed & stacked night of pop-punk and psych rock gems, including Ménage À Garage, Pagan Reagan and Honey Kill, supporting SXSW NPR darlings Particle Devotion.

Saturday 3/24:
In case you haven’t heard, millions and millions of people are coming to DC Saturday for the March For Our Lives. You can support the event financially as well as with your feet with a benefit show at the Pinch Saturday night featuring FuzzQueen, Cosmonaut Radio, The U.S. Americans, the Well, Free Soil and BabeRage.

Sunday 3/25:
Finish off your weekend strong with some classy folk and bluegrass at Solly’s Tavern on U Street with Two Ton Twig and Ed Snow.


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