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Podcast for January 15th, 2021

Paul goes vegan for January, while Tony shows off his new Mountain Dew cookbook.

DoubleMotorcycle – Year’s Gone, Bye [III]
Xendi – Give It All [Give It All/Backseat]
Enoch 7th Prophet – RYS [1 Moment, Please]
Half Bath – Michigan [Michigan/Mother]
KTW – Mary Anne [single]
Wordless Flight – Another Morning [Emergence]

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DoubleMotorcycle – Feet On The Ground

Frederick’s beloved two-piece rock band DoubleMotorcycle is back with a brand new music video. From their 2019 album Doublemotorcycle II, “Feet On The Ground” is a percussive banger with plenty of Joe Jalette’s signature vocal sneer. At two minutes in, hust when you feel like you’ve got the gist of the song, surprise raps from Ricole Barnes, vocalist of fellow Frederick band daMOOD, deliver a surprising twist. The video features sly references to other DoubleMotorcycle vids as well as a wistful reminder of the abrupt closure of Bethesda venue Villain & Saint. Hang tight until late March for more live sets from these monstrous pyramids of rock.


DoubleMotorcycle – Evil

Hey DC, let’s sneak in one more music video before the Thanksgiving holiday. Even though only two guys are in DoubleMotorcycle, they pack the punch of a whole symphony. And in their new music video for “Evil” from the upcoming Double EP, directed by Jordan Miller, it looks like that whole symphony already beat them to a pulp. But the rock goes on! Mark your calendars for their next DC gig at the Dangerous Pies Shop on Saturday January 26th with Ménage À Garage and Curse Words, because only a fool would miss that show.


DoubleMotorcycle – Pyramid

Uber-catchy indie rock band DoubleMotorcycle is showing the world how Fredrick MD rocks. Yesterday our spiritual sibling website Fredrick Playlist premiered their debut music video for “Pyramid” from their recent self-titled EP and it’s pretty bananas. Director Dillon Baird brings together confetti cannons, cardboard pyramids and the most precious little zombie girl ever to make this song even more fun for your eyes than it was for your ears. If you liked the band Seaknuckle as much as we did, this new incarnation is going to scratch the same itch hard.


Podcast for May 10th, 2017

Paul recaps his recent trip to the Live Music Capital of the World, while Tony struggles with Facebook’s new colored posts.

Bat Fangs – Wolf Bite [single]
Mellow Diamond – Where The Heart Grows [American God]
Humble Fire – Taliesin [Builder]
Julian – drawn 2 [single]
DoubleMotorcycle – The Record [DoubleMotorcycle]
Tristan Welch – Untitled NYC 4 [Haunting New York City]

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