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Sneaks – 3 Videos

There’s not many days left in 2018, so let’s catch up on music videos Eva Moolchan’s musical alias Sneaks with a 3-fer. Earlier this year Merge Records released “PBNJ”, a delightful romp with Moolchan’s quirky minimalist style shot by Emmett Kerr-Perkinson. That one was the last promotional gasp for the 2017 Sneaks album It’s A Myth. As anticipation builds for the forthcoming Highway Hypnosis in January, director Emmett Kerr-Perkinson returns with two more visual portraits, the languid “Money Don’t Grow on Trees” and global dance banger “Hong Kong To Amsterdam”. After you’re done pre-ordering the album on “Peak Vinyl”, grab tix for the DC release show on Sunday February 3rd at Songbyrd.


Podcast for November 14th, 2018

Paul reviews the new Queen biopic, and Tony investigates the weird street names of Columbia MD.

Sneaks – The Way It Goes [Highway Hypnosis]
Lightmare – Fool @ The Farmer’s Market [Dream Glitch]
Space Phase – Trompe L’oeil [Cola Champagne]
Sandtiger – Those Days [single]
Honest Lee – Pajarito [Solera]
Wytold – Dawn Violet [We Are Not Done Yet (Soundtrack from the HBO Documentary Film)]

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Sneaks – Tough Luck

Eva Moolchan, known musically as Sneaks, distills post-punk to its raw essence and doesn’t allow it to overstay its welcome. Her debut album Gymnastics expanded in size as it bounced from Sister Polygon Records to France’s Danger Records and now recently re-released on indie powerhouse Merge Records, but it’s still less than 14 minutes long. While we await Sneaks’ new album on Merge in 2017, the label commissioned this music video for “Tough Luck” to hype the re-release. Animator Jamie Wolfe channeled the repetition in the song into some seriously trippy visuals, abstractly reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons from the 70s.


Sneaks – X.T.Y.

It’s finally Friday and we’ve got a beautiful fall weekend ahead. What’s on your agenda? Riding BMX bikes with the devil? That’s what artist Eva Moolchan is all about in this new video for “X.T.Y.”, a sinister post-punk groover by her musical moniker Sneaks pulled from both last year’s self-titled cassette release on Sister Polygon Records and this year’s expanded version Gymnastics on Parisian label Danger Records. The vintage 90s VHS style is a signature of director Ryan Florig and suits both the song and the devilish bike tricks.