SHAED – Trampoline

Well over 1 million views on YouTube, it’s about time for Hometown Sounds to feature SHAED‘s breakout hit “Trampoline”. The synthpop trio was making their own national waves on the strength of 2016’s debut EP Just Wanna See, but last year’s MELT caught the attention of Apple and landed this single in a high profile commercial for the MacBook Air. Playing sold-out shows everywhere they tour, SHAED returns home Saturday night at U Street Music Hall, and you should count yourself lucky if you already have a ticket. We’ll give you the “Director’s Cut” that includes director Max Haben’s title and crew credits at the end.


One thought on “SHAED – Trampoline

  1. […] pop trio SHAED bounced from their “Trampoline” into the national spotlight, thanks to a lucrative feature from a well-known fruit company. Their […]

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