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SHAED – Thunder

Electronic pop trio SHAED bounced from their “Trampoline” into the national spotlight, thanks to a lucrative feature from a well-known fruit company. Their newest single release is “Thunder”, an ominous rager written during the 2016 election that appeared on their 2016 EP Just Wanna See. This video from director Ryan Patrick sees singer Chelsea Lee chained by mysterious individuals while her hair grows to improbable and disturbing lengths. The whole thing feels like an abbreviated horror-thriller, cut off right before the cathartic climax. There’s still time to grab tickets to their North American tour’s hometown stop at the 9:30 Club on Tuesday October 10th.


SHAED – Trampoline

Well over 1 million views on YouTube, it’s about time for Hometown Sounds to feature SHAED‘s breakout hit “Trampoline”. The synthpop trio was making their own national waves on the strength of 2016’s debut EP Just Wanna See, but last year’s MELT caught the attention of Apple and landed this single in a high profile commercial for the MacBook Air. Playing sold-out shows everywhere they tour, SHAED returns home Saturday night at U Street Music Hall, and you should count yourself lucky if you already have a ticket. We’ll give you the “Director’s Cut” that includes director Max Haben’s title and crew credits at the end.


Top 5 Videos of 2018 #3: SHAED – Silver Knife

ICYMI, the polished dreampop of singer Chelsea Lee and twins Spencer and Max Ernst as SHAED is blowing up nationally. “Trampoline”, the monster new single from their 2018 EP Melt, has about 9M plays on Spotify thanks to its prominent feature in the newest MacBook Air campaign from Apple. But we have to give our #3 music video pick of 2018 to the EP’s first single “Silver Knife”. The crisp finger snaps, rolling bassline and high falsetto put us in an MJ kind of mood. The mysterious Max Haben-directed video features mesmerizing choreography from dancer Anna Pinault, who bears a startling resemblance to Lee. SHAED bring their Trampoline tour to the hometown on Saturday March 2nd at U Street Music Hall, and we’ll eat our Santa hats if this doesn’t sell out in advance.


SHAED – Melt

Props to dreamy pop group SHAED for the recent release of their sophoromore EP Melt. Yesterday Vice’s i-D site premiered the title track’s video, again crafted by director Max Haben who delivered the first video for “Silver Knife”. The song references singer Chelsea Lee’s short lived solo career on a major label at a young age, a sore subject she now tackles as a close knit family trio with her fiancé Spencer Ernst and his twin brother Max. The video’s setting at a derelict factory in Charlottesville echoes the apprehension of the song, but we particularly like the song’s beautiful dénouement in a field at sunset. Hey SHAED, how about giving us a peaceful ambient album next?


SHAED – Silver Knife

Dream pop trio SHAED continue to impress with their polished sound and visuals. Their 2018 summer EP Melt is due to drop any minute now, and its first single “Silver Knife” just got this dramatic music video. DC based Director Max Haben presents dancer Anna Pinault in a mysterious scenario involving a recently bloodied knife that allows much room for interpretation. SHAED, known originally around these parts as The Walking Sticks before signing to the Photo Finish label and touring widely, play the Steppin’ Out Festival in Blacksburg VA this weekend.


Podcast for June 21st, 2018

Paul completes jury duty, while Tony praises horror movies.

Buster Friendly – Your Love [single]
SHAED – Silver Knife [single]
Damu the Fudgemunk & Flex Mathews – Deadin the Weight [Dreams & Vibrations]
BOAYT – Young and Hungry [single]
Endless Winter – B’dron [Season 1 : Kuiper]
Analog Tara – Propulsion [Fundamentals EP]

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SHAED – Name On It (Live)

Synthpop trio SHAED is a rare example of a DC band making a determined play for national pop attention. A few months ago Zane Lowe, influential host on Apple Music’s Beats One station, premiered “Name On It”, the second single from SHAED’s EP Just Wanna See. Now watch twins Spencer and Max Ernst and singer Chelsea Lee belt out the funky, catchy track on this live video from House Studio DC.


SHAED – Just Wanna See

Do you remember a dream-pop band called The Walking Sticks? Then you old school, brah, cuz they rebranded with the somewhat awkward name SHAED. Changing your band name is a very risky move, but it seems to have paid off when representatives from Photo Finish Records came across the first SHAED song on SoundCloud. Their new moniker’s debut EP Just Wanna See is out now, and no less than Billboard premiered the title track’s music video with a deep dive into the musical trio, Chelsea Lee and twin brothers Max and Spencer Ernst. The band wraps up a successful fall tour with Verite and Marian Hill tomorrow, so stay tuned for more local dates.