SHAED – Silver Knife

Dream pop trio SHAED continue to impress with their polished sound and visuals. Their 2018 summer EP Melt is due to drop any minute now, and its first single “Silver Knife” just got this dramatic music video. DC based Director Max Haben presents dancer Anna Pinault in a mysterious scenario involving a recently bloodied knife that allows much room for interpretation. SHAED, known originally around these parts as The Walking Sticks before signing to the Photo Finish label and touring widely, play the Steppin’ Out Festival in Blacksburg VA this weekend.


2 thoughts on “SHAED – Silver Knife

  1. […] title track’s video, again crafted by director Max Haben who delivered the first video for “Silver Knife”. The song references singer Chelsea Lee’s short lived solo career on a major label at a young […]

  2. […] from Apple. But we have to give our #3 music video pick of 2018 to the EP’s first single “Silver Knife”. The crisp finger snaps, rolling bassline and high falsetto put us in an MJ kind of mood. The […]

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