Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 9/13

Friday 9/13:
DC’s most dedicated concert photographer Roxplosion curates tonight‘s lineup at the Pie Shop on H St NE. Grab your savory pie for dinner and sweet pie for dessert in time to see Piramid Scheme, Capital Offender and Baltimore’s Out of Water Experience.

Saturday 9/14:
Don’t forget about JasonFestII! Here’s what organizer Jason Mendelson says to expect Saturday night at Epicure Café.

Schedule (sort of)
shortly after 7pm: Daniel Ouellette
let’s say, hmm, 7:48, cause why not, Jason Mendelson
around 8:30ish, yeah, it’s Koshari
closer to 9:30pm The Lucky So & So’s
all times and underwear are subject to change

Sunday 9/15:
Three DC musicians making 2019’s most memorable albums are playing Sunday night at the Black Cat. Matt Dowling’s Swoll moniker makes swirling 80s-style electronic ballads, Anna Connolly is a powerfully confessional singer-songwriter, and David Klinger celebrates the release of the long-awaited Forgetter album Parts of Anything.


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