Don’t Stay Home This Week 9/16

Monday 9/16:
“Gentle but fierce pop to tear at your heartstrings”, Ava Mirzadegan’s solo project Pen Palindrome opens for Baltimore’s Friday Junior and Strangepride from New York tonight at Slash Run.

Tuesday 9/17:
Tuesday night the Black Cat‘s intimate Red Room hosts experimental sounds from rapper Sir EU and Priests’ charismatic frontwoman Katie Alice Greer.

Wednesday 9/18:
The summer ain’t quite over yet, so the DC Public Library‘s Punk Archive initiative is hosting one last rooftop show before the season ends. Head to the Woodridge Library in NE at 6:30 PM Wednesday evening to see Clear Channel and Taciturn.

Thursday 9/19:
Hardcore festival Damaged City keeps the spirit alive with a showcase at Slash Run Thursday night. 2016 Fest alums La URSS from Spain join DC punk band Asesinato, featuring members of Rashomon & Guilt Parade, and darkwave act Aertex featuring members of Merchandise, Coke Bust & Blacksage


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