Luce Listening Party feat. Domingues & Kane

The Luce Listening Party, our collaboration with the Luce Foundation Center in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, continues with special guests Amy Domingues and Dennis Kane!

Domingues & Kane – Rough Magick Part 2 [Rough Magick EP]
Domingues & Kane – Evergreen [Gut + Voltage: Viola da Gamba & Electronics in Synthesis]
Telegraph Melts – Indigo Azure Cyan [Ilium]
Garland of Hours – Dear Henry [The Soundest Serum]
The Hunted Hare – Continent [Attrition]
Domingues & Kane – Un-Seening [Rough Magick EP]

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One thought on “Luce Listening Party feat. Domingues & Kane

  1. […] June 4th. We spoke with Kane and his musical collaborator Amy Domingues earlier this year for the Luce Listening Party podcast, digging into his recording process and motivations for staying creative during […]

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