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Elena & Los Fulanos – Ponle Fin

Bilingual folk rock band Elena & Los Fulanos has a whole lot to say in the era of Trump. Singer Elena Lacayo originally hails from Nicaragua, and the plight of undocumented immigrants and other members of marginalized communities are frequent subjects of her pointed songwriting. “Ponle Fin”, translated as “Put An End”, is the lead single from her sophomore album Volcán, successfully crowdfunded earlier this year and set for release on October 20th. The song and Ellie Walton-directed music video feature the always-dapper Christylez Bacon on an English verse, and though the rest of the song is in Spanish, we don’t think you’ll miss the message. Catch Elena & Los Fulanos tonight at the Black Cat opening for Guatemalan singer-songwriter Gaby Moreno.


Loi Loi – Responsabilidades

The newest addition to Ben Schurr’s ever-expanding Blight Records empire is Loi Loi, the synthpop project led by Kristie with support from her sibling Johnny Fantastic, primarily of Stronger Sex. The five songs on Loi Loi’s boldly titled debut EP Viva La Vulva represent a poppy, rave-y turn for the often abrasive and challenging material in the catalog of Blight Records, and we think a little fun is just what we need right now. The bilingual EP’s first Spanish single “Responsabilidades” feels like a 90s acid warehouse party throwback in the best way, and the video by Blight’s visual director Jen Meller makes us want to dance at our desks. You can get down properly to this at the EP release show tonight at Songbyrd along with Park Snakes and Philly’s Thrills.

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Be Steadwell – You Oughta Know / Bodak Yellow

Happy Friday DC! You may have observed that we’re big fans of queer pop singer Be Steadwell‘s live looping single take YouTube videos of pre-release songs and covers. Her latest is a creepy mash-up of current hit “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B with Alanis Morrissette’s rage anthem of the 90s, “You Oughta Know”. Learn your classics, kids!


Reesa Renee – Invisible

Time for some #TBT. September is Suicide Prevention Month, and singer Reesa Renee is working with a nonprofit called BREATHE to spread awareness of mental health issues. She wrote her 2014 single “Invisible” as a tribute to her friends and mentors that she lost to fatal car crashes, and through it opens up about the depression and bipolar disorder she must navigate. Wanting no one to feel invisible in their suffering, she’s created a challenge to her fans to share the Invisible video on social media with the hashtags #YOUARENOTINVISIBLE #BREATHE and #SUICIDEAWARENESS, as well as create their own lip sync videos to the song to dedicate to a loved one lost through suicide. The heart on this girl is as enormous as her talent.


The Electric Grandmother – Feedback Lives

You may know the distinctive Javier Diaz from the bands Spirit Plots or the newer Trajectories. His brother Nestor is a veteran of post-punk trio Golden Looks. But now, in the surreal fictional reality of The Electric Grandmother‘s new album Cancelled, the Diaz brothers are corrupt cops in the shlocky TV drama “Cop Force”, rival to the feel-good neighborhood romp “Police Department” from their previous music video. They’re probably better at violating civil rights than catching high-profile criminals, but these law enforcement officers always rock hard. Grab Cancelled for free while you can, and catch The Electric Grandmother next at the Uptown Art House on Monday October 16th.


Reagan Bombs – Wind Me Up

Though he moved to LA a few years ago, superstar DJ Jesse Tittsworth can’t escape the pull of the DC music he grew up with. Partnering with filmmaker Scott Sanders, known for the 2009 blaxploitation comedy Black Dynamite, Reagan Bombs updates DC’s indigenous go-go sound with Techno and House influences to create “DC GoWave”. Their self-titled album was released on cassette and digital by the DC label Swedish Columbia run by Shelby Cinca, formerly of the DC bands Frodus and The Cassettes. The album’s first single is “Wind Me Up”, a well-known go-go catch phrase, and Sanders edited this music video with some of the same classic go-go VHS footage that contributed to the samples in the album.

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Flex Mathews – Never Change

“If you hatin’ then you probably wasn’t fam anyway.” Flex Mathews has always seemed restless for creativity. Rappers often pop up on guest spots for hip-hop tracks, but Flex, true to his moniker, has lent his freestyling to Congo Sanchez, downtempo DJ Farid, funk & dub band See-I, trucker hatted troubador Justin Trawick and many more. DC often seems divided into cliques and scenes, but Flex transcends all boundaries. When we spot Flex in the crowd at a show, we know there’s a solid chance he’ll hop on stage and throw down rhymes without any rehearsal. His long-simmering debut artist album Hi I’m Flex Mathews just dropped, so now it’s time to watch the mission statement single “Never Change”, with classic hip-hop production and scratching from The Unown and an overflowing of hometown love from The Handsome Grandson.


Chain & The Gang – If I Was An Animal

Ian F. Svenonious’s sardonic pop outfit Chain & The Gang ready the release their 5th full length album Experimental Music on September 29th through Ian’s own label Radical Elite, in partnership with DC’s flagship Dischord Records. The album’s second pre-release single “If I Was An Animal” is the first with a music video, and you can get it now by daring pre-ordering the album now, as of course we did. Svenonious’s extreme wit and uncompromising style are on full display as he sings about what the animal world must think of the planet’s dominant species. We enthusiastically recommend Ian’s next show at Comet Ping Pong on Saturday September 23rd under his solo moniker Escape-ism celebrating a split 7″ with Justin Moyer’s new band Light Beams.


allthebestkids – Confetti

Genre-defying ensemble allthebestkids debuted their new single “Confetti” with a bang last week, dropping this music video shot during this year’s Funk Parade festival on U Street. The video’s backdrop hearkens back to one of our faves ever, Asheru and The Funk Ark’s “Funky DC” from 2014, and we hope more bands will follow suit. The song is a certified earworm, with singer Anya Ross’s killer hook accentuating Cody Valentine’s rap verses, and the crisp drums and big brass sound make us want to dance through the streets. Catch allthebestkids and Drive TFC on a sunset cruise on the Boomerang Pirate Ship on Sunday September 17th, because what’s better than partying on a pirate ship?


Blankus Larry – Hotdog Rainbow


Blankus Larry is a unanimously anonymous post-normal proto-punk rock and roll band based in DC and VA Beach, and they are very excited about the upcoming Labor Day holiday in the United States. To celebrate, they whipped up this song and video gem called “Hotdog Rainbow”, which we’re honored to premiere to all hot dog lovers everywhere.

Band members Durdy and Bloody Larry shared this motivation for the song’s creation:

First, we need to settle a bitter dispute that has been roiling America recently: whether or not ketchup belongs on hotdogs. (Huffpost is definitely wrong with this article). How can you have a hotdog rainbow without ketchup red? Answer: You can’t. Ketchup is also in the first line of the song, so it must certainly belong on hotdogs. And any relish haters out there can buzz right off.

Second, we seem extremely divided as Americans lately, and while hotdog rainbows aren’t going to solve these problems, we hope that all Americans will take a moment to smile, sing along, and enjoy something that we all have in common: a love for hotdogs. And there’s even vegan hotdogs, so no American is left behind.

Their third album Hotdog Rainbows is set to be released in 2017 (YMMV due to Larry Standard Time). Catch up on their first two garage-rock party albums at their Bandcamp before seeing them rock your face off at the Black Cat on Monday September 18th.