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Clones of Clones – Mine

Indie rock band Clones of Clones was already a studio-only band well before the 2020 lockdown, so no release shows were canceled in the run up to their new EP Super Available that dropped July 10th. Instead, CoC often delivers insanely pretty visuals for their music videos, as is the case for the EP’s first single “Mine”. Animator Tezo Don Lee, originally from South Korea and now residing in London, applies the soft tenor of singer Ben Payes to a lipsticked, neon-haired lounge singer in surprising, seductive style.


Des Demonas – The South Will Never Rise Again

We originally shared this over the weekend, but didn’t want the Monday crowd to miss out. Des Demonas singer Jacky released the unofficial music video for the anthemic protest single “The South Will Never Rise Again”, from their 2017 debut self-titled album, with this note:

This “unofficial” video for “The South Will Never Rise Again” is based on footage from what was going to be the video but has now recently been put together by our friend Jonathan Howard:
“For all my friends out protesting against injustice and the senseless killings of black people, be safe, take care of each other, fuck the police! posting this video without my bandmates permission. this is an old song off our first record, not posting it for cool points or to make any money from it. At a time when there’s counter protests by MAGA wankers and a president who may be trying to divide and conquer the nation just so he can have power here’s a song saying you can lynch us you can shoot us, you can harm us BUT we won’t take it in the chin. You are not going to win. FUCK YOU!
PS I Spoke to mum mums earlier today and she told me not to post this video until the protests are over, to avoid escalating and also as hope for reconciliation between the victims and the perpetrators…mothers eh?”


Frass Green – The Band Is Breaking Up

Frass Green, one of the absolute snazziest bedroom pop bands in DC, is about to release their new EP Death Of Pop on May 29th. The first single “The Band Is Breaking Up” is also Frass Green’s music video directorial debut, a curious collage of music and COVID-19-related footage that further marks this strange and jarring time in all our lives. All proceeds from the pre-sale of the EP go to Thrive DC, an organization providing for people experiencing homelessness and need in DC, so smash that Buy button now and maybe, just maybe, their show at Comet Ping Pong on Sunday September 6th with Flowerbomb and Eyelids will actually happen.


DCCOLLABO2020 – Message In A Bottle

A classic song that takes on new meaning in the time of coronavirus quarantine, The Police tune “Message In A Bottle” gets the cover treatment from DCCOLLABO2020, a new project featuring singer-songwriter Laura Tsaggaris, drummer Ben Tufts, Patrick “The Hammer On Bass” Thorton, Wes Lanich on keys and audio/visual producer Tim Lyons. DCCOLLABO2020 was born out of a desire to create, connect and share music during the period of social distancing as a response to the global Coronavirus pandemic. Contact if you’d like to learn more, and grab the track on Tsaggaris’s Bandcamp page.

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Reed Appleseed – I Guess I’m Going To A Party (Tiny Desk Contest)

In singer-songwriter Reed Appleseed‘s 2020 NPR Music #TinyDeskContest entry “I Guess I’m Going To A Party”, he sings about the awkwardness of attending a social event just to please one’s partner. It’s a wistful and melancholic throwback to pre-quarantine life, and we wonder how the song’s narrator is getting along these days.

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Lightmare – Pica Taco 25 (Tiny Desk Contest)

Six piece soulpunk band Lightmare squeezed in this entry just under the 2020 Tiny Desk Contest deadline. “Pica Taco 25”, a new song presumably inspired by the local Taqueria Mexicana chain, is captured in this Zoom video that must have been challenging to synchronize with the tempo and intensity changes. Creativity finds a way!

On the song’s title, Lightmare responded:

Funny story, the title of the song was the automatically populated title on one of our phones when we recorded the first take. After searching for the right new title to capture the real message of the song—the ongoing battle with depression and trauma—we realized nothing felt adequate, so we chose to leave the title where it dropped.

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Two Ton Twig – Beltway Wolf

Time for another #DCmusic entry in NPR Music’s #TinyDeskContest. This one is a new tune in the arsenal of bluegrass/folk band Two Ton Twig, a ripping song called “Beltway Wolf”. Give them a follow on Facebook to keep up with their periodic live streams.

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Shannon Gunn – Nature (Tiny Desk Contest)

We don’t get to post very many jazz music videos, so kudos to trombonist Shannon Gunn for her 2020 NPR Music #TinyDeskContest entry. Her new song “Nature”, in Gunn’s words, “celebrates nature in all its energy and glory”, “originally inspired by the old hymn ‘For the Beauty of the Earth.'” Featuring Kelton Norris on drums, Karine Chapdelaine on bass, and Chris Barrick on vibraphone, this take was the winner even with Barrick’s brief sheet music snafu.

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Drew Beckman + The Boundary Boys – Hellfire (Tiny Desk Contest)

Drew Beckman, DC’s only queer cowboy singer, put together this entry to the 2020 NPR Music #TinyDeskContest in the innocent time before our COVID-19 lockdown. “Hellfire”, a brand new song backed by The Boundary Boys, is about “diving headfirst into sin and enjoying every second of it.” Damn, remember sinning? Those were the days.

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Tim Hicks x Dirty Church – Jim Vance (Tiny Desk Contest)

Today’s #TinyDeskContest entry is pure DC. Rapper Tim Hicks of the funk/hip-hop band The Cornel West Theory grabbed our attention with his new solo album Bullets and specifically the historical ode to legendary NBC4 news anchor “Jim Vance”. While on lockdown, Hicks filmed this flawless and fiery delivery of the track while accompanied by Zsameria on Hula Hoop, Zoie Bilhah Agostino Hicks on Bow & Arrow and the menacing Henok Yohannes Hicks on Nerf Gun. Hicks writes “Washington D.C. is the next untapped market for great music. It would only be right for the next winner of the NPR Tiny Desk Concert 2020 to be from the city where NPR Headquarters is based!!!”

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