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Ras Nebyu – Anything

DC rapper Ras Nebyu is back with another music video under the banner of his Washington Slizzards crew. The Arckitech produced banger “Anything” is the first video from Nebyu’s 2016 mixtape Slizzatrism, filled with footage of Ras performing and chilling at the crib shot by Slizzica. This keeps fans charged up while Nebyu finishes up his next project Uptown Lion Walkin.


The Deadmen – Everything

Seems like most true music fans really love a song’s lyrics, but I am just not like that. I can’t keep track of any words at live shows, and even some of my favorite songs that I’ve heard hundreds of times have parts where I can’t quite parse the words. Well-done lyric videos are great at demystifying the words, and so is this new music video for “Everything”, the lead-off track from the new self-titled album by rock supergroup The Deadmen. Directed by filmmaker Patrick Mason, the video is dead simple without skimping on rugged, hirsute style, showing the intensely serious faces of the band (Justin Hoben, Justin Jones, Josh Read and John Scoops) clearly enunciating the song’s apprehensive lyrics. You can’t help but internalize all the words, and it helps that probably 66% of them are the song’s title.


Humble Fire – Builder

Dreamy pop band Humble Fire have simply been killing it with the music videos leading up to their album release on July 28th. The newest is the album’s emotional title track “Builder”, with visuals from directors Maggie Famiglietti of Wilderness Bureau and GoKateShoot‘s Kate Warren. Strings symbolically connect everything in the video, somewhat reminiscent of DC’s 2016 Instagram hit exhibit Wonder at the Renwick. Celebrate the new video and experience their gorgeous live show Thursday night at the OTHERFEELS house along with enigmatic DC groovers Cifer.


Kaimbr – Gaurdian

Nope, that’s not a typo, spelling bee champs. The second single from Low Budget Crew rapper and producer Kaimbr‘s 2017 album Share The Shelter is indeed called “Gaurdian”. Humble Monarch label head DJ Roddy Rod shot this video of the rapper, born Alexander Green, performing the rhymes over his own beats at a picturesque old fort complete with vintage cannons. Check out Bandcamp’s recent interview with Kaimbr for more details on the music and the crew.


The Hunted Hare – Mild Horses

Some of DC’s best musical exports these days are thoughtful ambient and post-classical pieces, and homegrown label Verses Records leads the way. After last year’s excellent collaboration with viola da gambist Amy Domingues entitled Gut + Voltage, Dennis Kane delved into his own solo project of minimalist looped solo guitar. Mirroring his own bout of depression that perhaps many of us also felt over the last year, Kane produced the full length album Nothing Is Always. Verses Records releases the album Tuesday June 27th under the moniker The Hunted Hare, and last week premiered this music video for the melancholy track “Mild Horses”. As with much in this genre, meditative patience is rewarded.

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The Deadmen – 55 Days

The Deadmen is a long-simmering rock supergroup comprised of Justin Jones, Josh Read formerly of Revival and the Gypsy Eyes record label, Justin Hoben and John Scoops. Their debut self-titled album is now out on their own 8 Gang Switch record label’s online store, and it’s every bit as hard-edged and serious as the faces of the musicians on the cover. The debut single is “55 Days”, a crime-ridden tale of escape and loss given this bleak and dark narrative video from director Patrick Mason. This release gives a healthy shot in the arm of national attention to DC’s roots-rock scene.


Honest Haloway – Picture Fire

Thursday night DC synthrock band Honest Haloway hits the Velvet Lounge stage again after a significant time away, keeping us missing them. They showed off their new lineup and style in a pair of videos shot by photographer Sara Nabizadeh in Sperryville in April, the first of which we featured last week. Today we’ve got the second video, late night campfire vibes in “Picture Fire”.


DoubleMotorcycle – Pyramid

Uber-catchy indie rock band DoubleMotorcycle is showing the world how Fredrick MD rocks. Yesterday our spiritual sibling website Fredrick Playlist premiered their debut music video for “Pyramid” from their recent self-titled EP and it’s pretty bananas. Director Dillon Baird brings together confetti cannons, cardboard pyramids and the most precious little zombie girl ever to make this song even more fun for your eyes than it was for your ears. If you liked the band Seaknuckle as much as we did, this new incarnation is going to scratch the same itch hard.


Kaimbr – Cora

MD rapper Kaimbr came up as part of the Low Budget crew alongside Kenn Starr, Kev Brown, Roddy Rod, Oddisee and many others. His newest album Share the Shelter, featuring collabs with Awthentik, Sean Born and many familiar Low Budget names, recently dropped courtesy of DJ Roddy Rod’s MD label Humble Monarch Music, and it’s kicked off by “Cora”, a moving tribute to his mother.

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Carolyn Malachi – We Like Money

Today soul singer Carolyn Malachi dropped long-awaited visuals for “We Like Money”, the single from last year’s album Rise: Story 1. DC’s signature go-go beat drives the song, so Malachi grabbed DC’s leading lady of go-go Michelle Blackburn for ad-libs thrown down on the first take. The video gives us just a taste of Malachi’s full band live performance, and we need more! Catch Malachi next hosting Women on the Mic at Brookland’s Busboys and Poets on Monday June 19th.