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Griefcat – Revolution! (Tiny Desk Contest)

The always amusing folk duo Griefcat illustrate a facet of DC’s work from home culture during the pandemic that perhaps few had considered. We’ll leave the surprising topic for you to discover in “Revolution!”, the 2021 Tiny Desk Contest entry from Louisa Hall and Annie Nardolilli. You’re already curious about those pink fuzzy outfits, how can you not watch this video right this second?

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Podcast for April 23rd, 2020

Tony throws back to Windows 95 pinball, while Paul figures out how to set up a DJ livestream.

Smokin on Planes – Interspecies Love [single]
Brushes – Mars & Me [Mars & Me]
Griefcat – Marseille [Griefcat]
Kromanauts feat. Kool Keith – Heavyweight Building [DJ single]
Big Like Bear – Dancing in the Rain [Big Like What?]
Lizard Hands – I’m Trying To Be Okay [single]

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Griefcat – Marseille (An Ode to Bidets)

Here’s a cheery song to worm into your ears on another locked-down Monday. Songwriters Annie Nardolilli and Louisa Hall are surely bummed that the release show for their debut full length album as Griefcat at Pearl Street Warehouse is postponed, like everything else. But no one could have foreseen the sudden scarcity of humble toilet paper and the surge of interest in alternatives. “Marseille (An Ode To Bidets)”, the album’s first single and music video, is a delightful tour through the French toiletry’s unfamiliar benefits. Video director Tia Shuyler goes full Marie Antoinette with powdered wigs and gauzy cinematography. As the duo have promised music videos for all the album’s songs, we are ever grateful for the anticipation.

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