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Griefcat – Marseille (An Ode to Bidets)

Here’s a cheery song to worm into your ears on another locked-down Monday. Songwriters Annie Nardolilli and Louisa Hall are surely bummed that the release show for their debut full length album as Griefcat at Pearl Street Warehouse is postponed, like everything else. But no one could have foreseen the sudden scarcity of humble toilet paper and the surge of interest in alternatives. “Marseille (An Ode To Bidets)”, the album’s first single and music video, is a delightful tour through the French toiletry’s unfamiliar benefits. Video director Tia Shuyler goes full Marie Antoinette with powdered wigs and gauzy cinematography. As the duo have promised music videos for all the album’s songs, we are ever grateful for the anticipation.

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Louisa Hall – Internet Love Song

“Please don’t write me sir.” Louisa Hall uses her ukulele and delightful charm to soften the blow of her cuttingly frank songs. Modern love and dating are frequent topics in her music, with no song in her repertoire as on the nose as “Internet Love Song”, from her newest EP Barista Boyfriend. Watch the fearless singer sweetly detail the horrors of online conversation in this new music video, and grab tickets now for her duet performance with troubadour Justin Trawick Wednesday evening at Dangerous Pies.


Louisa Hall – Barista Boyfriend

Remember when talking about dating was fun? When it was married people borrowing friends’ phones to swipe, or tumblrs full of the profiles of misguided internet gentlemen. Then the infamous Aziz Ansari story grabbed hold and demanded we engage in serious and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about what’s wrong and how to fix it. We are ready for a breather here, and singer Louisa Hall has us covered on her shimmery debut music video. “Barista Boyfriend” is the title track of her new full band EP that comes out February 16th, providing an utterly charming example of her unique and witty view into modern dating life, with ample amounts of both caffeine and ukulele. Pre-order the EP and grab your tix to the release show at Vienna’s Jammin’ Java on Sunday February 18th.