Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 7/26

Happy Friday, DC. As is our custom, here are the #DCmusic picks for the weekend so you won’t have crippling FOMO while your cool friends have the best time.

Friday 7/26:
Brooklyn band The Mad Doctors are on a farewell tour, so they invited King Pizza Records label mates Teen Mortgage to play at the DC stop at H St NE’s Pie Shop tonight. Add in a brand new EP by Pagan Reagan and “face-melting hard punk” band Captital Offender and we’re fully on board.

Saturday 7/27:
Huge heartfelt congrats to hard-working troubadour Justin Trawick on the sixth anniversary of his mostly #DCmusic podcast The Circus Life. The massive blowout party at the 9:30 Club Saturday night features FeelFree, The Dirty Grass Players, Mystery Friends, and of course Mr. Trawick & his band The Common Good.

Sunday 7/28:
Count on AdMo’s SongByrd to host thoughtful, innovative events quite different from the usual live music fare. Sunday night see producer/MC combo J Scienide and Kev Brown of the Low Budget Crew do an advance album listen of their new release Drum Machine/Tape Cassette with a live Q&A moderated by DJ Iran.



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