Don’t Stay Home This Week 7/29

Almost every #DCmusic show we are recommending this week is free of cover charge. How about supporting these bands by buying some of their music this week?

Monday 7/29:
Tonight‘s Fort Reno features The OSYX and dirt eater, rescheduled from a rain-out earlier this month, plus punk band The Mauls. It’ll be another hot one, so stay hydrated.

Tuesday 7/30:
Wouldn’t be a Don’t Stay Home without a plug of a show at the Pie Shop. Tuesday night‘s lineup includes indie rock faves Makeup Girl and Bottled Up supporting the summer tour of Richmond band Manatree.

Wednesday 7/31:
If nothing else, the DC Punk Archive’s Wednesday night show on the Woodridge Library rooftop should smell amazing. See DC bands Saffron & Lavender for free starting at 6:30 PM.

Thursday 8/01:
The final night of Fort Reno‘s 2019 season features Inner Ear Studio’s Don Zientara and, we’ll quote right from the website here, amy ian joe (name unknown). Pro tip: show up early for this one.


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