Don’t Stay Home This Weekend 7/19

We know it’s going to be nuclear hot in DC this weekend. Still, that’s no excuse to stay home and wasting all your money on air conditioning. Go see these DC bands, stay hydrated and dress in light colors.

Friday 7/19:
The third annual Audioteka DC music showcase hosted by Greater District Sound Club continues at the Ugly Mug tonight with Indiana Jonesin, Red Medicine, Quick ‘o’ Clock and more. Check out the hard working young bands rising in the scene.

Saturday 7/20:
What the hell, let’s roll on with the big finish for Audioteka for our Saturday night recommendation. The Ugly Mug is the place to be to see Color School, Strangers That Clique, Jenny Hates Techno, The Neuro Farm and a whole lot more. The tunes start at 4 PM and go late, so pace yourself.

Sunday 7/21:
Ice Out, one of our fave instrumental post-rock bands, grace the stage, or rather the large front window, at Clarendon’s Galaxy Hut Sunday night along with Dennis Kane’s sublime post-classical project The Hunted Hare.


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