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The Vintage Babies – Shine Your Light

We’ve proclaimed affection for soulful singer Maimouna Youssef over the years, but her current collab with New York’s DJ Dummy The Genius as The Vintage Babies takes her sound to the next level. Their debut self-titled album is filled with a classic groove and powerful lyrics, and the album’s first music video, the smooth party vibing “Shine Your Light”, casts Youssef and her friends in a warm 70s vintage glow courtesy of director Brian Kyle Atkins. We must give a special shoutout for the wardrobe department, as Youssef looks fabulous in everything from flowing dress and braids to patterned pantsuit and afro.

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Podcast for September 5th, 2017

Paul’s new drums are still unplayed, while Tony fights off a summer time cold.

allthebestkids – Confetti [Confetti / Unafraid]
ShowPony – CastlePonia [ShowParty Demos]
Ms. Fridrich – Oh, Girl [Last Brick Laid]
The NRIs – Brooks Was Here [An Echo For Each One Of Us]
The Vintage Babies – Say My Name [The Vintage Babies]
The Wine-Dark Sea – Dirt Farmer [Avalanche]

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SmCity – MIA feat. Maimouna Youssef

DC rapper SmCity continues to ride the wave from his fiercely independent full length album Empire Falls from December 2014. His most recent EP The Preamble features selected cuts from the album, and now we have this slick music video for “MIA” featuring Maimouna Youssef on vocals and production from Atlanta’s DJ Toomp. Just makes me excited for what Sm’s gonna drop on us next!

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Podcast for February 23rd, 2016


Tony’s ignorance of vinyl culture has some destructive consequences for his bro’s record collection, and Paul reports on how last Friday’s Union Arts benefit show was a wee bit bananas.

Sistr Mid9ight – Femaphilia [single]
Maimouna Youssef aka Mumu Fresh – Guiltiness [single]
Broken Grids – Into the Desert [s/t EP]
The Radiographers – Missy May [single]
Forgetter – Tied Tight [sad sac EP]
Janel & Anthony – Sweet and Sour [single]

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Maimouna Youssef – We’re Already Royal video

The Reintroduction of Mumu Fresh is upon us! If you aren’t in the know, Mumu Fresh is the nickname of ever-fashionable R&B singer Maimouna Youssef, whose new mixtape drops on Wednesday May 14th with a blowout headlining show at the Howard Theatre. Yesterday our buds at WAMU’s Bandwidth premiered a new song from the mixtape, “Student Loans”, a redo of Rihanna’s hit “Pour It Up”. The reimagined covers theme continues with her new music video for “We’re Already Royal”, from Lorde’s megahit “Royals”, featuring some gorgeous African costumes.


Maimouna Youssef – Meet Me In Brazil video

Grammy nominated singer Maimouna Youssef, known to her many devoted fans as Mumu Fresh, recently returned from a promotional concert tour of Nigeria. It’s been nearly two years since the release of her debut full length album The Blooming, and we are more than ready for more. Meet Me In Brazil, an Oddisee-produced highlight on the album, received the spicy music video treatment last year, featuring actor Lamman Rucker.


Maimouna Youssef – I Got A Man video

DC music video of the day! Maimouna Youssef‘s smooth & sweet vocals first gained wide acclaim as a guest vocalist on The Roots’s song Don’t Feel Right from their 2006 album Game Theory, receiving a Grammy nomination in 2007. Now she’s a well known performer in the area, and last year released her debut album The Blooming. Check out the first video from that album, I Got A Man.