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Chain & The Gang – If I Was An Animal

Ian F. Svenonious’s sardonic pop outfit Chain & The Gang ready the release their 5th full length album Experimental Music on September 29th through Ian’s own label Radical Elite, in partnership with DC’s flagship Dischord Records. The album’s second pre-release single “If I Was An Animal” is the first with a music video, and you can get it now by daring pre-ordering the album now, as of course we did. Svenonious’s extreme wit and uncompromising style are on full display as he sings about what the animal world must think of the planet’s dominant species. We enthusiastically recommend Ian’s next show at Comet Ping Pong on Saturday September 23rd under his solo moniker Escape-ism celebrating a split 7″ with Justin Moyer’s new band Light Beams.


Podcast for August 23rd, 2017

Tony and Paul are back in the game with a look at upcoming #DCmusic pre-orders with the theme Looking Forward!

Flex Mathews – Never Change [Hi I’m Flex Mathews]
The North Country – E-Meditation (Forever, Forever) [In Defense Of Cosmic Altruism]
Chain & The Gang – Rome [Experimental Music]
The Effects – Back and Forth [Eyes To The Light]
Phil Ad̩ РNo Fear feat. Tate Kobang & Saba Abraha [single]
Sam Cooper & The Sleepwalkers – Monster Heart [charity single]

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Chain & The Gang – Experimental Music

Sardonic provocateur Ian Svenonious’s band Chain & The Gang is back with their first new music video in two years, in advance of their summer tour with Black Lips. “Experimental Music” sees the wizened sage of rock and roll proclaiming his love of the titular and inaccessible genre, even though its musical style is straight out of 60s pop staples. The video depicts a cloaked and hooded figure drowning in power and audio cords as he fiddles with knobs and affixes duct tape to an old keyboard. I think the message is pretty clear, don’t you? The tour skips DC, but you know they’ll play here soon.


Chain & The Gang – Devitalize video

Thank god Ian Svenonious, dean of DC punk-in-cheek band Chain & The Gang, is still around to put in perspective all the changes and over-development DC’s been through over the last few years. His own gang is an ever-changing lineup of sassy DC musicians, now including Ex Hex’s Betsy Wright, Francy Graham of Dudes and Anna Nxsty of Olivia Neutron-John. The new album Minimum Rock & Roll drops May 6th on Spiv’s label Radical Elite, and the fine folks at Dischord have your pre-order needs covered. Here’s the new video for “Devitalize”, directed by James Schneider who’s also helming the somewhat related documentary Punk the Capital.


Chain & The Gang – Minimum Rock & Roll video

Ian Svenonius has been the driving force behind quite a few DC bands over the years, and it’s his wit and depth of musical experience that make the songs in his current project Chain & The Gang so memorable. Chain & The Gang manage to combine an engaging, confident and blistering live performance with insightful songwriting chops to really present the full package of a top-notch musical act. Their fourth album Minimum Rock ‘n’ Roll comes out on April 15, and the title track gets the music video treatment from Spiv himself, starring Francy Graham of DC’s care-less punks Dudes. Find out what “crime rock” is all about in Chain & The Gang’s spoken-word lyrics explaining their ethos.


Chain & The Gang – Certain Kinds of Trash video

Tonight the 2012 season for the long running summer concert series at Fort Reno draws to a close with Triage, Manta Ray and Ian Svenonious’s latest project Chain & the Gang. “The Other Ian” is a veteran of so many DC bands, including The Nation of Ulysses, Weird War, Cupid Car Club and the reuniting Make-Up. Today’s video for Certain Kinds of Trash comes from their recently released album In Cool Blood.


Chain & The Gang – Detroit Music video

DC music video of the day! Chain & The Gang is the latest band for “the other Ian”, Ian Svenonious. In case you’re just joining the DC music world, Ian Svenonious gained his punk cred fronting bands The Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up and Weird War. He’s got a vocal style that’s completely distinctive, dubbed “Gospel Yeh-Yeh”, and his live performances are not to be missed. Lucky for you, Chain & The Gang is headlining a show tonight at the Black Cat Backstage, so do yourself a favor and get to know this amazing band. Here’s the video for Detroit Music, from their 2011 album Music’s Not For Everyone, on K Records.

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