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Podcast for October 18th, 2017

Paul’s having trouble snoring, while Tony cooks up a lightning round of questions.

Ardamus – Her Lips, Her Kiss [single]
Sara Curtin – Or So It Seemed [Or So It Seemed]
Mr. Daywalker – Porcelain [Warmth]
Peyote Pilgrim – Steve McQueen [Americana Hotel]
The Southern Ocean – Stay [The Essence of Absence]
James Wolf – Refuge [That]

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James Wolf – Refuge

Some find the moon comforting, or majestic, but experimental violinist James Wolf is haunted by it. The middle piece of his newest collection, That, is titled “Refuge” but provides no such sanctuary in its unsettled sounds. Wolf composes ethereal soundscapes solo and also contributes to the ominous mood of post-rock band The Orchid. DC’s avant-garde label Verses Records, patron of Wolf’s first solo release on se lève from 2015, helms this release as well, with label head Dennis Kane behind this music video that begins with the moon and includes many unexplained and evocative images. Pre-order That now before its release on October 27th.

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