Paperhaus – Nanana

DC bands come and DC bands go. Sometimes just as you discover a hidden gem in a playlist or on Bandcamp (or maybe on a podcast!) the group has parted ways and moved away from DC, as so many do. Alex Tebeleff and his electronic indie rock outfit Paperhaus have been rocking DC since 2005, promoting the band and brand with relentless touring and show hosting in his eponymous house. Go back to their self-titled EP from 2011, older even than our nearly six year old DC music station and blog, and hear how their sound has evolved through musical growth and lineup rotations. Tebeleff and current collaborators Matt Dowling, Rick Irby and Danny Bentley celebrate the release of their second full length album on Misra Records at the Black Cat Friday night with Go Cozy and Tony Kill. Check out the music video for “Nanana” and ask yourself, “Are these the questions we need to ask?”


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