Sara Curtin – Blame Time

Singer Sara Curtin focuses on the insidious passage of time, the elusive enemy of much of life, in “Blame Time”, the third single and lead-off track from her new album Or So It Seemed. Sara writes:

“This song is a reflection on the importance of female friendships and the things that keep us from maintaining them as we grow older. It’s about grudges we never intended to hold onto, and of course the biggest excuse which we let get in the way: “I’m so busy.” Like plants, bicycles, and instruments, friendships also need to be tended to. Practiced. Nurtured.”

Documentarian Beth Geglia, one of Sara’s oldest friends, made the video and cast women of various ages close to Sara to help sing the song. Come celebrate the album’s release as Curtin’s fall tour comes back home Thursday night at the Black Cat with The North Country and PNMA.


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