Light Beams – Soul Fire Pt. II (for Lee Perry)

Here’s what you need to know:
1) Lee “Scratch” Perry pioneered the reggae subgenre of dub music in Jamaica in the 70s.
2) Light Beams is the newest project fronted by long time DC musician Justin Moyer, also of the bands Edie Sedgwick, El Guapo, Supersystem and more.
3) Rounding out the band is drummer Sam Lavine of The Cornel West Theory
and Arthur Noll of Alarms & Controls.
4) Their new self-titled album is out now on cassette & digital through Don Giovanni Records.
5) Their debut music video for “Soul Fire Pt. II (for Lee Perry)” was directed by Ben Epstein and David “Spoonboy” Combs for Baby Pony Food. They’ve helmed some of our favorite videos, including Bad Moves and the amazing trilogy by The Max Levine Ensemble.
6) Light Beams plays the Black Cat Wednesday night in support of the album release show by Devin Ocampo’s band The Effects, along with Super Silver Haze.
7) Isn’t this video fucking fantastic?
8) See you there.


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