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The Cornel West Theory – Mr Colvin (sir)

In 2017, I’m hoping we see less of the street tough, drugs and women style of some DC rappers and more of the confrontational politics of The Cornel West Theory. Tim Hicks and his crew had hoped to drop The T.A.B.L.E. Too, the follow up to last year’s free release The T.A.B.L.E., late in 2016, but issues with the album’s mix delayed its release to 2017, when everything is right with the world and no one is upset about anything in America. Just kidding. Here’s their latest music video from the upcoming release, “Mr Colvin (sir)”, vintage 70s soul/funk samples underpinning trademark fiery quips and disturbing visuals. Get ready.


The Cornel West Theory – RAFIQ

Hip-hop group The Cornel West Theory dropped “RAFIQ”, the second video from their newly released album The T.A.B.L.E. The incendiary lyrics are strangely juxtaposed with against the 1989 Razzie-award winning movie Harlem Nights, starring Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy and directed by Murphy, creating a sharp constrast between Hollywood’s vision of black culture and violence in the 1930s and its representation today in rap music. The Cornel West Theory are a fearsome live act, so don’t miss their next show at the MLK Library on Thursday February 4th with Time Is Fire and The Black Sparks, presented by the DC Punk Archive.


The Cornel West Theory – Pillz

Hip-hop provocateurs The Cornel West Theory took a while to drop their full length album Coming From The Bottom a few months ago, but the hype is building already for a new release late December called The T.A.B.L.E. The collective tease their mysteriously acronymical album with a music video for “PiLLz”, featuring sinister sounding rhymes over old soul samples. Whoever booked TCWT at this Sunday’s DC Punk Funk Revival show at U Street Music Hall really knows what’s up, as this lineup with Loud Boyz, UCB and Drew Kid is completely unmissable.


The Cornel West Theory – We Almost Lost Philadelphia

We’ve waited four years to get pummeled with more delicious truth bombs from Tim Hicks’s scorching hip-hop crew The Cornel West Theory. The final product is worth the wait as Coming From The Bottom dropped last week, delivering a full 20 tracks worth of deft production and lyrics, featuring collaborations with Ursula Rucker, Queen Helene of Les Nubians and DC’s own Ian Svenonious. Watch the first music video from this release, “We Almost Lost Philadelphia” and head to their Bandcamp to grab this album for absolutely free.


The Cornel West Theory – I’ll Die For This Shit video

Hype for the new full length Coming From The Bottom by hip-hop thought leaders The Cornel West Theory keeps on building. Yesterday they dropped a new video for “I’ll Die For This Shit” featuring Queen Helene AKA Golden Athena of Les Nubians on vocals. The video, directed by drummer Sam Lavine, involves both lyrics and badass visuals of Queen Helene, Rashad Dobbins and Tim Hicks. And if you really want to follow along, they helpfully put all the lyrics in the details section of the YouTube page. Don’t miss your next chance to see the Theory live at the Ceremonies of Dark Men multimedia live performance event as part of the 5×5 Project along with poet Major Jackson and sounds from King Britt at the Hillyer Arts Space on Friday December 12th. Admission is FREE so RSVP now at http://www.the5x5project.com/event/codm-in-multimedia/.


The Cornel West Theory – G.O.D.video

The Cornel West Theory stands out as the most prominent overtly political hip-hop group in DC. Most rappers in our city, despite geographical proximity to the decision makers in our government, choose to focus on more street-level and mundane issues. Naming your group in honor of prominent Democratic Socialist activist Dr. Cornel West guarantees thoughtful and hard hitting lyrics, and the Cornel West Theory always delivers. Their new album Coming From The Bottom drops “when you least expect it”, so get ready with this confrontational music video for “G.O.D.” attacking the US’s reliance on drones. Footage from Terminator 2 and classic G.I. Joe animation drive the point home unmistakably.


The Cornel West Theory – The Art Of Hunger Pt. 1 video

Thought provoking rap group the Cornel West Theory are prepping for the release of their new album Coming From The Bottom next month, but they’re not done with the past yet. They just released a new music video from their 2011 album The Shape Of Hip Hop To Come for The Art Of Hunger, shot by Sam Lavine at the nonprofit space BloomBars in Columbia Heights. Really looking forward to an album release show by these amazing performers.


The Cornel West Theory – Jeffrey (snippet)

DC music video of the day! Today we’ve got a short preview of a soon-to-be-released jam from The Cornel West Theory, rappers with something to say. The tents of Occupy DC form the backdrop of the video. This snippet of Jeffrey gets me excited about their upcoming release The Bottom (hopefully soon!). Saturday night they headline a big show at the Black Cat mainstage, with support from fellow local rappers ACME.

show flyer


The Cornel West Theory – Iron Emptiness video

DC music video of the day! The Cornel West Theory makes hip-hop unlike anyone else in DC, throwing together spoken word, jazz, electronic and other influences to create an energizing sound driving their amazing live performances. Tonight they headline a show at the brand new Monserrat House, also featuring New York’s Happy New Year and locals Redline Graffiti. The show is curated by Sasha Lord, who puts together the amazing bills at Comet Ping Pong. We featured their video for Patriotic Me a while back. To wake you up out of your Monday doldrums, check out the video for Iron Emptiness from the Cornel West Theory’s 2009 album Second Rome.

Monserrat House flyer

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Edie Sedgwick – Heat Wave video

DC music video of the day! You’d be forgiven for thinking Edie Sedgwick was a female singer, but actually it’s a band fronted by long time DC rocker Justin Moyer. Justin has been involved in a long list of great bands, from El Guapo to Supersystem to Antelope, and released a lot of records on the legendary DC label Dischord. Edie Sedgwick’s latest release is a “white label 12 inch”, the original track Heat Wave and 8 remixes by acts including locals Lenorable, Triobelisk (Shelby Cinca of Frodus and The Cassettes), Gold Corner (Mike Andre of Antelope), John Moon from The Cornel West Theory and Third Channel (Jason Hutto from The Aquarium). The whole package is availble at Dischord’s online store, and today we feature the newly released music video for Heat Wave. Enjoy!

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