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Edie Sedgwick – Heat Wave video

DC music video of the day! You’d be forgiven for thinking Edie Sedgwick was a female singer, but actually it’s a band fronted by long time DC rocker Justin Moyer. Justin has been involved in a long list of great bands, from El Guapo to Supersystem to Antelope, and released a lot of records on the legendary DC label Dischord. Edie Sedgwick’s latest release is a “white label 12 inch”, the original track Heat Wave and 8 remixes by acts including locals Lenorable, Triobelisk (Shelby Cinca of Frodus and The Cassettes), Gold Corner (Mike Andre of Antelope), John Moon from The Cornel West Theory and Third Channel (Jason Hutto from The Aquarium). The whole package is availble at Dischord’s online store, and today we feature the newly released music video for Heat Wave. Enjoy!

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