The Max Levine Ensemble – Backlash, Baby

Everything you thought you knew about what was going on in the Backlash Trilogy of music videos from The Max Levine Ensemble is wrong. Or is it? The pop punk group completed the trifecta today with the premiere of “Backlash, Baby”, billed now as Episode 1 in an apparent reverse chronology, if you really care about stuff like continuity and character motivation. If you just wanted to see more of Priests’ Katie Alice Greer and Ilsa’s Sharad Satsangi in a badass spy thriller, then your prayers are finally answered. Grab the album, see them March 13th at the Black Cat, yadda yadda.


One thought on “The Max Levine Ensemble – Backlash, Baby

  1. […] helmed some of our favorite videos, including Bad Moves and the amazing trilogy by The Max Levine Ensemble. 6) Light Beams plays the Black Cat Wednesday night in support of the album release show by Devin […]

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