Makeup Girl – Something New

Young indie rock band Makeup Girl totally charmed us at their Fort Reno show this past summer. Brody, Bryce, Caleb and Avery make delightfully fizzy songs for wiling away a beautiful day in the nation’s capital. The subject of their new music video, “Something New”, mostly agrees with this assessment, even though he’s a faceless, posable mannequin dressed to blend in with DC office workers. It’s impossible not to share his delight in this warm, sunny weather and his sassy rage at the powers-that-be. Grab makeup girl’s new EP also called Something New and check them out live this Saturday night at the Mild Manor Murder Mystery show at a secret location in College Park.


One thought on “Makeup Girl – Something New

  1. […] their practice space, with pizza boxes stacked high and the mannequin from last year’s video “Something New” as chaperone. The song has a nice balance between solid beat and bassline and wobbly, minor key […]

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