Bumper Jacksons – Old Birds

The Bumper Jacksons are DC’s most devoted ambassadors for the old-timey jazz and folk sound they have evolved over 6 years and an impressive five full length albums. Began as the duo of Jess Eliot Myhre and Chris Ousley, the band now features an impressive brass section, upright bass, pedal steel guitar and an abundance of sass and sizzle. Though still rooted in DC, the band seems rather addicted to the tour life, as their nationwide tour roams through the midwest and the south promoting their 2017 album I’ve Never Met A Stranger. The album’s second single is “Old Birds”, and the band had this to say about song’s bold and timely music video:

We are all put in boxes. We each have experienced what it’s like to be told how we’re “supposed” to behave, what we’re “supposed” to like, who we’re “supposed” to be. We inherit these ideas when we’re young children, and in turn, pass them on to our children and project these rules on others.
This weighs on us daily. This stifles our creativity and squashes our dreams. This closes our hearts to others. Old Birds invites us to participate in the rewarding and messy work of breaking apart the systems and structures that hold us, and our fellow humans, back.


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