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Podcast for March 11th, 2015

Drop Electric – Your Silence Will Not Protect You
Tomas Pagan Motta – Up And Away [self-titled album]
Turtle Recall – Meet Me In The Dojo
The Paranoid Style – Bound to be Vacant [Rock And Roll Just Can’t Recall]
Shark Week – Why Did I Let You Go? [pre-order Beach Fuzz on vinyl!]
Jonathan Parker – Clearyisms [Interloper]

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Drop Electric – Lucille video

Drop Electric are probably the most prolific music video creators in the DC music scene. I’ve run 14 of their videos on the Hometown Sounds DC music video of the day feature. On days when a new Drop Electric video premieres, I like to have a little friendly competition with my friends over at DC Music Download to write a post about it faster than they can. This time they had the jump on me, premiering the sexy (NSFW?) new video Lucille, from last year’s Waking Up To The Fire, along with an interview with DE’s drummer Ramtin Arablouei. Of course you’ll read that before buying advance tix to the 9:30 Club for DMD’s 2 year anniversary bash featuring Drop Electric, The Sea Life, Young Rapids and The Raised By Wolves. Of course.


Drop Electric – Higgs Boson video

Let’s review, shall we? Post-rockers Drop Electric emerged on the scene with their 2010 album Finding Color In The Ashes (now a name-your-own-price download) and a series of top quality music videos primarily from director Patrick Ryan Morris of NYC based Dedalus Moving Pictures. In the summer of 2012 they released a 4 song Sampler Platter EP and a music video for the single Empire Trashed. After promising a new full length album this year on Lefse Records, the band has released 4 more music videos to build anticipation (hint: watch them all). Today 405tv premiered the video for Higgs Boson, the last appetizer before the main course called Waking Up To The Fire is served this Tuesday October 22nd. Directed by Patrick Ryan Morris in cinematic widescreen format better suited to a big screen than a puny YouTube embed, this video stars actress Brea Grant best known for Heroes and Friday Night Lights. Stream the entire new album now courtesy of Pandora Premieres!


Drop Electric – Waking Up To The Fire video

Post-rockers Drop Electric continue the buildup to the release of their second full length album Waking Up To The Fire on Lefse Records that drops October 22nd. Today they released another powerful music video for the title track of the album. I don’t like to talk much about the content of music videos in these intro posts, since you’re about to watch the thing for yourself, but I will say that I like the way this video illustrates the dichotomy of working and living for fun and art in DC. Also there’s a brief but awesome escalator shot to look out for. As for the music, Drop Electric’s sound fits so well in the music video format, but I’m really looking forward to hearing all these songs as a cohesive album. Don’t miss Drop Electric playing this Friday night September 27th at LivingSocial’s 918 F Street venue.


Drop Electric – Blue Dream video

Stop the presses! Drop Electric just premiered a brand new music video for Blue Dream, from their upcoming album Waking Up To The Fire that drops October 22nd on Lefse Records. The cinematic quality of Drop Electric’s music inspires their music video directors to make some pretty amazing stuff, and for this one Christopher Michael Beer turns in a short narrative film that does not disappoint. This video is so involving, you’ll probably need to watch it twice to really hear the music, yet another tantalizing bit of Drop Electric’s anticipated new album. Their next hometown show is Friday September 27th at LivingSocial’s 918 F Street venue.


Drop Electric – Waking Up to the Fire preview

Drop Electric, one of the buzziest bands around DC these days, have built anticipation for their sophomore full length release for a full year now with many shows and well-produced videos. With the premiere of this video teaser on All Things Go yesterday, they also announced a release date of October 22nd for Waking Up To The Fire, on Lefse Records. The mesmerizing post-rock ensemble headlines a show at the Black Cat this Saturday with Janel & Anthony and The Escape Artist supporting, so there’s your Saturday night plans taken care of.


Drop Electric – Brooklyn’s Nightmare video

Every weekday on Hometown Sounds we feature a DC music video, because we love music videos and don’t think they get the exposure they deserve these days. Some days I know exactly what video to play, and get to write the post casually in advance. Some days a new video comes through the Twitter or Facebook feeds and I have to jump on it immediately. Drop Electric, prolific kings of DC music videos, just posted brand new visuals for Brooklyn’s Nightmare, an older song from their FREE debut album Finding Color In The Ashes. This creepy short film about love gone wrong comes from David Ashton and Sean Sonnenburg of Orange Line Film and Sequoia Pictures Production. Mark your calendars for Drop Electric’s next show Saturday July 20th at the Black Cat Mainstage.


Drop Electric – Little Sister video

Drop Electric make music that works as both a film score and a loud and captivating live performance. They fully embrace the creation of music videos and perhaps tailor their sound to fit in a cinematic presentation. While we patiently await their second album Every Day Is Your Last to magically appear on their Bandcamp page, today they released a brand new music video for Little Sister, the first single from that upcoming album. Keep watching this melancholic and creepy video until the end! Don’t miss their next live show at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage on Sunday May 19th.


Drop Electric – Baku Hatsu (Blue Light Sessions)

The Mansion at Strathmore’s Friday Night Eclectic series continues its winning streak with a headlining set by sonic architects Drop Electric, joined by local openers Whales and Rajna and Anjna Swaminathan with Sam McCormally of Ugly Purple Sweater. Advance tix are long gone but show up early with $12 cash and you can hopefully make it in. Drop Electric have steadily improved their live performance over many shows, and new material is slowly emerging from the large ensemble. Last December Drop Electric stopped by the studios of Pick-Up Productions to film a new song Baku Hatsu for their Blue Light Sessions live performance series, with face paint, projected visuals and multiple violinists.


Drop Electric – Bones Beneath the Bridges video

The folks in DC’s soundscape ensemble Drop Electric have had a fantastic year, gaining quite a bit of popularity and acclaim for their live sets and their four song EP released this past summer. Tonight they headline a sold out show at LivingSocial’s 918 F Street space, so I hope you got tickets if you are a fan! Here’s another video from their FREE debut album Finding Color In The Ashes, for the song Bones Beneath The Bridges. It’s black for about 35 seconds in the beginning, so stick with it.