Drop Electric – Little Sister video

Drop Electric make music that works as both a film score and a loud and captivating live performance. They fully embrace the creation of music videos and perhaps tailor their sound to fit in a cinematic presentation. While we patiently await their second album Every Day Is Your Last to magically appear on their Bandcamp page, today they released a brand new music video for Little Sister, the first single from that upcoming album. Keep watching this melancholic and creepy video until the end! Don’t miss their next live show at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage on Sunday May 19th.


3 thoughts on “Drop Electric – Little Sister video

  1. […] for Washington, D.C. shot by Dedalus Moving Pictures, the fine folks behind some of our favorite videos from Drop Electric. Grab the song for whatever price you think is fair at his Bandcamp page and […]

  2. […] for their sophomore full length release for a full year now with many shows and well-produced videos. With the premiere of this video teaser on All Things Go yesterday, they also announced a release […]

  3. […] After promising a new full length album this year on Lefse Records, the band has released 4 more music videos to build anticipation (hint: watch them all). Today 405tv premiered the video for Higgs […]

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