Drop Electric – Higgs Boson video

Let’s review, shall we? Post-rockers Drop Electric emerged on the scene with their 2010 album Finding Color In The Ashes (now a name-your-own-price download) and a series of top quality music videos primarily from director Patrick Ryan Morris of NYC based Dedalus Moving Pictures. In the summer of 2012 they released a 4 song Sampler Platter EP and a music video for the single Empire Trashed. After promising a new full length album this year on Lefse Records, the band has released 4 more music videos to build anticipation (hint: watch them all). Today 405tv premiered the video for Higgs Boson, the last appetizer before the main course called Waking Up To The Fire is served this Tuesday October 22nd. Directed by Patrick Ryan Morris in cinematic widescreen format better suited to a big screen than a puny YouTube embed, this video stars actress Brea Grant best known for Heroes and Friday Night Lights. Stream the entire new album now courtesy of Pandora Premieres!


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