Drop Electric – Waking Up To The Fire video

Post-rockers Drop Electric continue the buildup to the release of their second full length album Waking Up To The Fire on Lefse Records that drops October 22nd. Today they released another powerful music video for the title track of the album. I don’t like to talk much about the content of music videos in these intro posts, since you’re about to watch the thing for yourself, but I will say that I like the way this video illustrates the dichotomy of working and living for fun and art in DC. Also there’s a brief but awesome escalator shot to look out for. As for the music, Drop Electric’s sound fits so well in the music video format, but I’m really looking forward to hearing all these songs as a cohesive album. Don’t miss Drop Electric playing this Friday night September 27th at LivingSocial’s 918 F Street venue.


One thought on “Drop Electric – Waking Up To The Fire video

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