Drop Electric – Empire Trashed video

I know it’s gonna be a good day when my Twitter feed lights up with word of a new music video from Drop Electric. The atmospheric ensemble recently released a Summer Sampler Platter of four songs, and today’s video for Empire Trashed leads off the EP. As with their numerous other amazing videos, Empire Trashed is produced by Dedalus Moving Pictures. Great stuff.


3 thoughts on “Drop Electric – Empire Trashed video

  1. […] music video for Washington, D.C. shot by Dedalus Moving Pictures, the fine folks behind some of our favorite videos from Drop Electric. Grab the song for whatever price you think is fair at his Bandcamp page […]

  2. […] built anticipation for their sophomore full length release for a full year now with many shows and well-produced videos. With the premiere of this video teaser on All Things Go yesterday, they also announced a […]

  3. […] In the summer of 2012 they released a 4 song Sampler Platter EP and a music video for the single Empire Trashed. After promising a new full length album this year on Lefse Records, the band has released 4 more […]

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