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Drop Electric – We Will Be Humans Finally video

DC, this Friday night you’ve got another chance to check out Drop Electric, the shoegaze noise ensemble that’s caught the attention of many this year. Sasha Lord has included them in a great lineup at Comet Ping Pong with the sassy Coup Sauvage & The Snips and headliners Thieves Like Us from Berlin. Drop Electric recently blew the lid off the 9:30 club opening for Papadosio, so seeing them in a tight space like Comet will be insane (don’t forget your earplugs!). Today we’ve got a short but sweet video for We Will Be Humans Finally, from their FREE debut album Finding Color In The Ashes.

Thieves Like Us Flyer


Drop Electric – Bankrolled Hominid video

Leading atomspheric shoegaze purveyors Drop Electric headline the Capitol Groove Fest tomorrow at the Fairgrounds at Navy Yard Metro, along with a huge lineup of great DC bands including The Silver Liners, The Weathervanes, and Redline Graffiti. This is sure to be the party of the weekend, so don’t miss it! And it’s a great excuse for me to play Bankrolled Hominid, another beautiful video from Drop Electric’s free debut album Finding Color In The Ashes.

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Drop Electric – Empire Trashed video

I know it’s gonna be a good day when my Twitter feed lights up with word of a new music video from Drop Electric. The atmospheric ensemble recently released a Summer Sampler Platter of four songs, and today’s video for Empire Trashed leads off the EP. As with their numerous other amazing videos, Empire Trashed is produced by Dedalus Moving Pictures. Great stuff.


Drop Electric – Fevered Egos video

Last Friday soundscape architects Drop Electric dropped a “Sampler Platter” of 4 songs on their Bandcamp page. The new tracks show their progress from the ambience of their first album to the more electronic influences as the band evolves and changes membership. Here’s one of the new songs, Empire Trashed:

Our video of the day, Fevered Egos, comes from Drop Electric’s 2010 debut album, Finding Color In The Ashes (still a free download!).


Drop Electric – Robot Funeral video

DC music video of the day! Drop Electric are scheduled to play a set at Artomatic in Crystal City tonight at 10 PM. And that sounds like a great excuse to me to run another fantastic video by these soundscape shoegazers. Today’s video for the awesomely named song Robot Funeral was released last summer, and the track should find its way onto Drop Electric’s forthcoming album. Happy Memorial Day everyone!


Drop Electric – What Now Of Paradise video

DC music video of the day! Anecdotally, one of the more popular videos I’ve run on Hometown Sounds is Finding Color In The Ashes by shoegazers Drop Electric. The song and video together really seemed to strike a chord with a wide range of viewers. Here’s another video from their FREE 2010 album Finding Color In The Ashes, What Now Of Paradise.


Drop Electric – Finding Color In The Ashes video

DC music video of the day! Drop Electric makes beautiful soundscapes that work both in headphones and on stage. Their vibrant take on shoegaze has gotten a lot of positive press among fellow DC music bloggers DC Rock Live, DC Music Download and DCist’s Three Stars. They recently released a single, Santo Domingo, as a teaser for their soon-to-be-released new album. Today we feature the video for the title track of their 2010 album Finding Color In The Ashes, which you can download right now for free!