The Hunted Hare – Everywhere Green


Friday June 1st is a big day for Verses Records. The DC-based experimental label decided to drop two major releases on the same day. Known for their expansive 40-ish track benefit compilations, the first is VR, a modest 12 song split release with Liverpool’s Romeda Records, featuring Tag Cloud, James Wolf, DMLLL and The Hunted Hare. The second is the sophomore album Lost Wilderness by The Hunted Hare, the solo moniker of minimalist guitar wizard Dennis Kane.

On last year’s full length album Nothing Is Always, Kane established the tone of the project as melancholy and pensive, providing tenor and baritone melodies through cello tones and electronics. Lost Wilderness, despite its bleak title possibly referencing over-development and climate change, reveals a warmer, more summery vibe. “If there’s a theme to this recording”, Kane says, “it’s about balancing the needs of a peaceful inner life with the demands of living in a chaotic world”. Hometown Sounds is honored to premiere the music video of the album’s first single “Everywhere Green”, a soothing mix of heavily saturated nature shots with archival footage of dancing flapper women, slowed down and perfectly synced to the whispers of Kane’s pleasing melody. Mood is key with instrumental music, and Kane delivers a release worthy of turning off all the lights and letting it fully envelop you.

The Hunted Hare performs songs from the new album Sunday night at Bossa, opening the night for a collaboration between Ben Harbert (Los Angeles Electric 8) and Chris Hamley (Alarms & Controls, Circus Lupus) adapting 20th-century pre- and post-minimalist music to electric guitars, delay pedals and drum machine.

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