Don’t Stay Home This Week 6/04

The rain is over, the sun is shining and there’s #DCmusic to check out! Here are our show picks for the coming week.

Monday 6/04:
Strong bill of fun DC bands at DC9 tonight. Khyber Pass is a new electronic duo featuring Kristie from Loi Loi. Pagan Reagan makes heavy fuzzy psych rock and their name is fun as hell. MUNDY will wow you with theatrics and costumes, and Lola Tried bring road-tested indie rock from Austin TX.

Tuesday 6/05:
Rhizome is the place to check out hot new music Tuesday evening. Light Beams is one of the most exciting bands in DC today, putting the Justin Moyer mark on dance-punk. Black Myths is a new jazz duo featuring the omnipresent bassist Luke Stewart, while No Plans is the first outing for a new band featuring Jason Mogavero of Jack On Fire.

Wednesday 6/06:
MilkBoy ArtHouse hosts old and new faves on Wednesday night. ROM and BRNDA make indie rock so crackingly fun, both band names need #ALLCAPS. Rob Stokes recently got a glowing write up from Chris Richards at the Post. Sad Fish bring weirdo pop from Atlanta. Have we talked you into going yet?

Thursday 6/07:
Head right back to College Park’s MilkBoy ArtHouse Thursday night for a totally different night of music. Ciscero is a talented rapper on the rise, nailing recent collabs with April George and GoldLink. There aren’t enough hip-hop shows like this in DC, so don’t miss out!


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