Best Video of 2012 #3: Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out

Teen Mom are poised to be the next breakout stars from DC. As I write this, they sit at #6 on the Hype Machine’s list of 10 Most Blogged Artists, driven by the success of their recently released 12″ EP Mean Tom on Analog Edition Records. The debut video from that release, I Wanna Go Out, comprises footage from a 1980 French film called La Boum, and the perfect marriage between video and song lands them in the #3 spot on our top 5 music videos of 2012.


One thought on “Best Video of 2012 #3: Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out

  1. […] “When You Go”. Like their previous single “I Wanna Go Out”, one of the best DC videos of 2012, “When You Go” repurposes old footage, this time a bizarre 60s film featuring […]

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